Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Lavera lipstick ‘Rosewood08’ £11.90

This is not the first Lavera lipstick I've bought. Last year I bought the same product in a different colour. Click here to view the review of ‘Amber02’.

After testing out Rosewood08 I found the colour to be complimentary of my skin tone and added a lovely tint to the lips. The colour is fairly close to my lip colour but with a touch of iridescent lilac in there. 

It gives quite a natural finish and the formula is moisturising. I found this lipstick is great for everyday wear. The pigmentation is average but with a couple of coats the colour looks more prominent.

The packaging is well made but nothing overly stylish. I trust the brand as they cater for sensitive skin and I know if I buy anything from them the ingredients will be all natural.

Overall I’m really delighted with my purchase. I don’t often buy high-end or more expensive makeup products but I’m pleased with the results and hope to make the item a keen favourite in my makeup bag.

Do you favour all natural makeup products? Does this item look appealing to you? xx