Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Vera Wang Princess 30ml £33.50

This is my first repurchase of this item. I was disappointed when my first bottle of this ran out. Id contemplated buying this for ages and just recently I bought the 30ml bottle from Superdrug online and I was so glad I did. 

The perfume smells drop dead gorgeous. The scent is extremely sweet and romantic. This is the scent description on the Superdrug Website:

“The top notes sparkle with the captivating, aroma of delicate apples and dreamy water lily kissed lightly by mandarin meringue.

Sweeping into a heart of pink guava and the rare, tahitian tiare flower, and dark chocolate.

The base is wrapped in a mysterious air of amber and forbidden woods.”

I don’t buy designer perfumes normally; in fact Vera Wang Princess was my first proper designer perfume. In my opinion, often more expensive perfumes have nicer ingredients and it’s nice to splash out if you wear the perfume all the time.

I really like the packaging and bottle, it’s so pretty. The top is made to look like a crown and the base is in the shape of a heart – lush!

Additionally, they sent me a free promotional Vera Wang bag. It’s lovely, silver with pink stitching. It’s nice to big to it all your belongings in.

Miss Sporty Eye Liner (In 070 Neon Blue) £2.59

I’ve worn this blue eyeliner many times now and had a few compliments from people about it. It can be worn either under the lower lash line or as I’ve been doing over the top lash line and winged at the ends.

The product is lovely and creamy, blends extremely well. If you twist the applicator more comes out. I like this because it means you don’t have to worry about sharpening, like ordinary eye pencils.

There are other colours in the range; I might get a couple of others when I next pop into Superdrug. The Miss Sporty range is very affordable and some of the products are extremely good. I highly recommend this product because it’s great quality for the price.

Accessorize Autumn/Winter Khaki bag £35

I purchased this bag in Accessorize last weekend. They had just launched their Autumn/winter collection and there were lots of lovely goodies in the shop.

I was drawn to the ‘designer’ look and the bag looked much more expensive than it was. I loved the detailing on the straps and the neutral colours will go with lots of things.

I can’t wait to wear it, have you been in Accessorize lately? What did you think?!

Miss Sporty So Energetic Foundation (01 light) £3.49

I bought this lovely foundation after swatching it in Superdrug and finding it to be a really good match.  It’s a lovely colour, not orange at all. 

I have trouble finding foundations to match my paler skin, but it applies as a light coverage with an instant dewy glow to the skin. By working into the skin with fingertips, my skins look radiant and smooth. The final look is really natural which I like.

I find Miss Sporty cosmetics to be a bit hit and miss but a wonderful product in my opinion, really great value too. I think I will be repurchasing!

Leeds Shopping Haul

I visited Leeds for a weekend to visit relatives. I went shopping on sat, this is what I bought!

The Body Shop Sweet lemon body butter £5
The Body Shop charity Gift Bag £4
Accessorize baked bronzer duo (pearl sands shade1) £6
M&S Limited Collection nail polish in dark magenta £3.50
M&S Limited Collection nail polish in Mauve £3.50
M&S Lace and pearl beret £15
TOPSHOP nail polish (In Solar) £6
TOPSHOP nail polish (In Adrenalin) £6
Accessorize brown and green bag £35

Superdrug Hand Therapy hand and nail cream 30ml (79p or 4 for 3 offer)

I’ve been looking for a quality hand and nail cream for a while as brands I’ve used in the past have been a little harsh on the skin. This product is really gentle, including lots of essential vitamins to strengthen and condition.

I really enjoyed using this hand lotion, the scent was extremely pleasant, not overpowering at all. It is not too oily and sinks into the skin almost immediately.

I found it easy to dispense a small bit onto your hands. The packaging is attractive and the 30ml bottle is particularly useful to pop in your bag.  

The price is extremely affordable, a complete bargain! Just shows you don’t have to spend too much, a brilliant product that I highly recommend!

Miss Sporty Clear Nail Polish £1.99

Unfortunately I found this did not work as well as a top coat as it when applying it over another colour polish, the colour polish came off even after I has waited for it to dry.

I don’t know if this was because of the colour nail polish or whether the quality of this clear polish was poor. However I only paid £1.99 suggesting it might have been a poor quality product.

Despite this it works nicely applied on its own. This nail polish works well on the nails to give a natural shine, making your nails look healthy and lovely. I’ve used this polish on its own a number of times now.

My overall impression is its quite good value for what you are getting but if you are looking for a quality top coat, I suggest a more expensive brand.

Superdrug Orange and Satsuma Shower Gel 75ml (69p or 4 for 3 offer)

The product was a pleasure to use and it really woke me up in the shower. The scent is amazing, very fruity and uplifting. The liquid was quite gooey and foamed extremely well. 

The packaging design was modern, clean and simple. I found the 75ml bottle handy for travel and the study cap made it very practical.

The price is excellent for what you get. Superdrug have brought out a range of other scents and are now available in the 250ml size.

I have high praise for this item; I might repurchase or even try the full size bottles. I’m eager to experiment with the other scents!