Friday, 28 February 2014

Collective Clothing Haul | Dorothy Perkins & New Look.

For the past months I haven’t done a great deal of clothes shopping I suppose a little here and there. I wanted some classic pieces that would be great staples in my wardrobe. 

As you can see there’s a theme of dusky greys and monochromes. I think each item I have bought can be a base for a number of outfits and I can add colour later with a silk scarf, bold hat, bright shoes etc.

I focused on the fit and making sure I would wear what I had bought. I mainly bought things in Dorothy Perkins. Some may say there for an older generation of shoppers but I love there classic, simple, tailored clothes. 

I find in different shops clothes will fit me differently even in the same size (Do you ever find this?!) because I find sizes vary shop to shop I think it’s essential to try things on.

I went for a slim fit in the grey dress. The cap sleeves and length are very flattering. The detailing on the bust creates curves and I love the ribbon going across. The dusky grey shirt fits me well on the shoulders but has a loose flowing fit. 

I love the pattern on the blazer, it’s so quirky and the fabric is so soft. And the leggings are super functional and are great to pair with skirts and dresses.

Dorothy Perkins Purchases

Grey Loose fit shirt £20
Grey Tunic SALE £10

New Look Purchases

Overall I’m pleased with my shopping. Would you wear anything I've bought? What have you been purchasing lately? Xx

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Baking Saturday | Toy Story Cupcake Set

Are you all having a fabulous weekend so far? Today I decided to do some baking and I used a Disney cupcake making set I had in the cupboard. I wanted to test it and do a little review.

I bought the baking set from Poundworld, so for £1 thats pretty good going. I wasn’t sure if the quality would be up to scratch but was pleasantly surprised. 

The recipe was simple to follow and the only extras you needed were a medium egg and a spoonful of butter.  I used two small fresh bantam eggs from our chickens we keep in our garden. This added to the taste of the cupcakes.

The set included the actual mixture, icing sugar, iced toppers and cupcake cases. I decided to modify the recipe by not using the ice toppers (as they looked a bit cheapy!) and instead add a touch of premium cocoa powder to the icing to make it chocolaty.

The finished result was lovely, the taste was really nice and the texture was quite moist. The chocolate icing made them extra delicious.

Have you been tempted to try out the Disney baking set too? Have you done a baking post? Why not link it in the comments bar :-)

Monday, 17 February 2014

Empties December // P2 Things I Would Not Repurchase

Nivea Irrestibly Smooth Body Lotion 75ml £1.29

I received this miniature in a gift set although can be bought in this size at boots. The scent was lovely but the formula didn’t take my breath away, just left a white layer on the skin and took too long to sink in. Will not repurchase.

Dirty Works Body Lotion 100ml (included in gift set)

Nothing special. I found the formula bad quality and like many cheap body lotions it left a white layer on the skin and didn’t sink in too well. Will not repurchase.

Charlie Enchant Body Spray £1.00

I was impressed by the pretty girly packaging but the scent was a bit too flowery for me and uncontemporary. I like other body sprays in the Charlie range but this wasn’t that memorable. Will not repurchase.

Ted Baker London Body Lotion (discontinued collection)

I was determined to use this up because the scent was lovely and the lotion sunk into the skin very well. However the packaging was impractical and uneasy to use. The range from Ted Baker has been discounted so am unable to repurchase. I like the new ranges in Ted Baker though.

James Brown Colour Enhance Conditioner 75ml (included in gift set)

I used this all up but have only been using a small bit at a time in the ends of my hair. The formula didn't really suit my hair type. I like more light weight conditioners and this wasn’t too bad but as I don’t colour my hair at the mo repurchasing isn’t on my list.

Have you tried any of these products? Do you agree/disagree with my comments? X

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Graze Boxes |

I’ve been receiving graze boxes once a fortnight for about just under a year now and thought I would let you know a little bit about graze and my thoughts. 

If you haven’t heard of Graze it’s an online company which sends nutritious snack boxes by post. You'll get your first box half price then your next 2 boxes for £3.39 each and your other boxes will cost £3.89 each. If you type in this code: HELENC8QP you will get your 1st, 5th and 10th graze box free.

I think it such a cool concept and there snacks are mostly very healthy. There’s a mixture of fruit, nuts, seeds, a little bit of chocolate and lots more. They also do children’s and breakfast boxes which I haven’t tried.

There are some snacks which are just heaven. I love there fresh cakes and infusion tea combo a well as their scrumptious blueberry swirl, tutti frutti, track & field and there range of flapjacks are lovely.

I think the product is great. I love the fact you can pick and choose snacks you love, like or dislike. This helps with what is sent to you.

Receiving the box in the post is a real treat and I always look forward to it too. I take in enjoyment that what I am eating is fairly good for me on the whole with little calories. It’s certainly changed my views on what food items are good for snacking.

Overall I would thoroughly recommend graze boxes. There great if you want to eat healthier without losing a sweet tooth too much.

Just as a reminder my code is HELENC8QP for the offer.

Have you tried Graze boxes? What do you think of them? x

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Prada Candy Perfume 30ml £39.50

I first received a sample size edition of this perfume and from then on I was completely hooked. The scent is gorgeous and beautiful and although the price is pretty steep I went ahead and bought the 30ml bottle. After all it’s Prada! And the first thing from the brand I had ever owned. 

I would describe the scent as warm, spicy with hints of musk and caramel. The description on the boots website says an explosion of femininity, a unique signature scent.

The packaging is sophisticated and wonderful. The glass bottle is transparent to expose the caramel coloured liquid. The top is pink and black with gold type. I love to place it on my dressing table with its elegant and slightly vintage feel.

The 30ml is a slightly different design to the bigger bottles as the spritz function isn’t placed in the same place which confused me at first. With the 30ml theres a simple cap to pull off where the bigger bottles you simply press the black top and it comes out. 

I found this out originally by typing into Google how to open Prada Candy 30ml and a YouTube video came up. I’ve linked this video here incase you are interested.

I wore this perfume lots just before Christmas for its spicy aroma. I love how perfumes are connected with memories so now the scent makes me feel a little festive. 

I would say that the scent is quite versatile though and could be worn into spring/summer. The perfume has lots of staying power without being overpowering. Its lovely for day or night. Overall I’m extremely pleased with the perfume. 

Also at the time there was an offer on boots with Prada Candy. I received a Prada Candy makeup bag absolutely free. It’s gorgeous and a great size to put makeup in.

Have you tried this perfume? Whats your signature scent? xx