Monday, 25 April 2016

Boots Salon Performance Paddle Hair Brush

Hi! In today’s post I wanted to change it up a little and do a review of a hair brush. It’s been in my blog notebook to review a good while now and my thoughts are really positive so I wanted to share it with you. A lot of hair brushes that I have tried previously haven’t been the best quality, and often I find the handle snaps off after lots of use. I bought this hair brush at the end of 2014 so that in itself shows it has lasting power. I have very long hair and hate when it gets tangled, and getting knots out can be frustrating sometimes.

With the combination of this paddle brush and a shine serum, my hair routine has become a lot easier. I find the brush glides through my hair and gets rid of knots remarkably well. Like the packaging suggests my hair feels much smoother and a nice shine is created after each use. The handle has a lovely grip to it, and the style of the brush is quite classic. Overall I would really recommend this hair brush, it retails at £6.99 in Boots (buy here) which compared to some other brands seems quite reasonable.

What kind of hair brush do you normally use? Does this item interest you? :-) xxx

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Peacocks Spring Clothing Haul

I was quite excited to share my latest clothing purchases with my lovely blog readers as I feel like it’s been too long since I last went clothing shopping. For the past couple of months I’ve been saving my pennies for other things and I feel like I’ve just been wearing up what I already had in my wardrobe. But now we are into spring I wanted a bit of a refresh. Clothes are one of my favourite things to buy! A couple of weeks back I popped into Peacocks, they had a mixture of new trends and things on sale. I bought four items, two of which were in the sale. So I will tell you a bit about them…

I was first drawn to this pair of capri pants with a floral design on them, I think these will be lovely when the weather gets a little bit warmer. I bought a khaki top with a knotted detail going across the shoulders, the style is quite classic but the knots make it more on trend. The two sale items I bought included a white cowl neck jumper with rose gold zips down each side and a blue and grey striped tunic dress. I think I will get most wear out of the tunic dress, as it’s a versatile piece and the kind of thing I reach for on a everyday basis.

So which item is your favourite? What shops have you been lovin’ for clothes at the moment? :-) xxx

Info on items
Blue Striped Tunic Dress £16 £12 (SALE) (Buy online)
White Cowl Neck Zip Jumper £18 £12 (SALE) (Buy online)
Khaki Knot Shoulder Tee £12 (Buy online)
Flower Print Cropped Jeans £14 (Buy online)

Monday, 18 April 2016

I Made Walnut & Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Hope you all had an amazing weekend, today's post is a baking one; the other day I made cookies and wanted to share it with you all. I used a basic chocolate chip cookie recipe and modified it slightly by adding chopped walnuts and chopped dark chocolate. I have a few recipe books that I just go back to time and time again, with this bake I used a recipe from Cakes & Cookies for Beginners by Fiona Watt, which you may have seen me mention before. But cookies are very easy and there are lots of good recipes for this out there.

I often adapt recipes by adding extra bits at the end. We had chocolate and nuts in the cupboard so I used those; however sultanas, seeds, cinnamon, mixed spice etc. can be added, the options are endless. I was really pleased with the finished result, they looked and tasted delicious and they went down well with my family. The chocolate and walnuts came through really well, and they were quite moreish.

Thanks for popping by my blog! Do you like cookies? What kind are your favourite? Have you been inspired to do some baking of your own? :-) xxx

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Makeup & Bits Superdrug Haul

I bought a few bits from Superdrug recently, the main aim was to purchase some new shower gels as I had been running out, luckily I found these two Original Source ones. They are 100% natural fragrance and smell insanely fruity and delicious, I’ve been enjoying using them very much. I thought as you do I would add a few more items to my online basket. My hands have been a little dry lately so thought I would experiment using a new hand cream, I will let you know my further thoughts soon!

I bought a mascara which is very similar to one of my holy grail mascaras that I think either went discontinued or changed slightly, L’Oréal do the best ones and the Telescopic range is just my favourite. I’m yet to use this false lash version, so keep your eyes peeled for a review. I seriously need to refresh my makeup stash, go through things and figure out what needs repurchasing. I’ve always loved trying out new makeup, I love testing products out and finding a gem. I think I really have with this Makeup Revolution highlighter, so I’m looking forward to reviewing it sometime. Just as a side note, Superdrug have now decided to give free delivery for beauty card holders which I think it brilliant if you are trying to save pennies.

Have you been makeup shopping recently? What’s your go-to place to shop for affordable beauty products? :-) xxx

Superdrug Purchases...

Makeup Revolution Highlighter in Peach Lights £3.00 (buy)
L’Oreal False Lash Telescopic Mascara in Magnetic Black £10.99 (buy)
Garnier Mango Hand Cream 100ml £2.99 (buy
Original Source Lemon & Tea Tree Shower Gel £250ml £1.00 (buy)
Original Source Lime Shower Gel £250ml £1.00 (buy)

Friday, 8 April 2016

My Thoughts on Three Weleda Products

Weleda Soothing Facial Cream / £11.27 for 30ml / buy
This face cream was very kind to the skin and soothing like the name suggests. I enjoyed using it and it left my skin really moisturised and refreshed. It absorbed into the skin nicely and I found it a great base for makeup, it wasn’t too oily. The only negative was I wasn’t overly keen on the almond scent, it just wasn’t to my taste.

Weleda Sensitive Body Lotion / £13.95 for 200ml / buy
This body lotion was a joy to use, quite soothing like the facial cream and left my skin super soft and hydrated. The lotion glided on so smoothly and felt light as air on the skin. It sank in extremely quickly too. I wasn’t as keen on the scent but overall it’s a lovely product.

Weleda Cleansing Milk / £8.94 for 100ml / buy
This product had a different fragrance to the other two, it was pleasant and I preferred it to the almond scent although I struggled to think how to describe it. It actually reminded me on the smell of a lovely natural health shop I visited often on holiday. Anyway this cleansing milk was lovely to apply to this skin and removed any dirt except eye makeup. After applying it and then washing it off my skin felt baby soft.

You can buy these products individually so I wanted to share my thoughts however I bought these three products in a minis gift set that was in stock at Christmas priced at £8.50, sadly I think it’s out of stock now. I like their sensitive range, I find it works well on my skin. I have high praise for Weleda as a brand, I also adore their body washes too as they have some beautiful scents and I like the formula. Weleda products are 100% natural, vegan, free from parabens, artificial fragrance, not tested on animals and cruelty free.

Have you tried Weleda products before? What is your favourite natural product at the moment? :-) xxx

Monday, 4 April 2016

Pacifica Purify Coconut Water Cleansing Wipes

I’ve been meaning to chat to you all about this product for a while, so now Easter has quietened down I really wanted to share my thoughts. I had these cleansing wipes on my shopping list and after finally testing them out I think they are brilliant. I have such high praise for Pacifica, as their perfumes are amazing so I figured these wipes smelling of coconut must be as beautifully fragranced and they were! The coconut scent is not overpowering but lovely all the same, making the cleansing process that much more enjoyable. I found the material of the wipes were super soft against the skin and had just the right amount of moisture in them. They are a perfect way of getting rid of makeup if you are in a hurry and although they don’t remove waterproof makeup, I actually did use it around the eyes and found it perfectly fine.

I have fairly sensitive skin, and some types of skincare products just break me out but the Pacifica wipes were super kind to my skin and I was highly impressed. The blue and yellow abstract design on the packaging is gorgeous, I love it! Also the brand is very ethically made, they are cruelty free, vegan and biodegradable. The ingredients are all natural, free from sulfates, gluten, parabens, and petroleum. This product is just an amazing all-rounder. I purchased them on Naturisimo at £4.99, click here to view. I would highly recommend this item to my blog readers!

Have you heard of Pacifica before? What is your go-to for cleansing wipes? :-) xxx