Saturday, 30 May 2015

Leeds Weekend Shopping Haul

This is part two of my Leeds weekend post. Go to the previous post here. So I thought I would show you the things I bought, let’s get started….

My favourite clothing item I picked up would have to be the linen shirt from Marks & Spencer’s. In my opinion it’s such a lovely casual versatile piece. Since being back home I have been wearing it undone like a little jacket with dresses. I can see myself wearing this loads!

A close second would have to be a coral jumper my Auntie spotted in the sale for £3.00. Again I have been wearing this none stop. Mainly like a jumper dress with leggings on my days at home. I bought it really oversized for this reason.

I purchased some loungewear in Primark including a nightdress with ‘Tres Chic’ on the front. I cheated a little with this item as I have been wearing it out as a T-shirt dress. I thought I could get away with this quite easily due to the style of it. In addition I purchased two pairs of lounge trousers. I prefer the black ones to the peach coloured ones as they can be worn out.

Lastly I we went into Wilko and I spotted a really sweet notebook for £1.00 and I just love it. What a little bargain! I got some Hotel Chocolate and a cute folder as souvenirs but didn’t photograph these.

Have you picked up any similar items? What was your fav thing that I bought? X

Marks & Spencer’s
Blue stripe linen shirt £28.00 (Buy here)

Coral oversized jumper SALE £3.00

Black chic t-shirt dress £5.00
Black joggers with logo £8.00
Peach joggers with logo £8.00

Selfie exercise book £1.00 (Buy here)

Shopping Weekend In Leeds // Lifestyle Post

At the beginning of the month I visited my Auntie who lives near Leeds over the bank holiday weekend. On the first day we chilled out at home and ordered Chinese. On the Saturday we headed in Leeds centre to have a wander, do a bit of shopping, stop for coffee and have lunch in a restaurant in the Leeds Trinity centre.

Our trip is an annual one and I look forward to looking round the shops in Leeds. Since the new shopping Trinity was open we tend to go in there mostly. They have some awesome shops and quite newly an enormous Primark has been opened. It was probably the biggest one I’ve been in and there was so much stock to look at. I was impressed with their homeware and loungewear in particular this time.

We stopped at Caffe Nero’s for a drink and I had a delicious hot chocolate. We had lunch at a stylish Italian restaurant and the meal was lovely. I had the duck salad, my Aunt had homemade Ravioli and for dessert we shared a posh ice cream dessert. We both had a smoothie with our meal. Later I popped into a smoothie bar for a banana smoothie.

On Sunday and Monday we spent time with family. My Grandparents took my Aunt and I to an amazing carvery pub and I very much enjoyed it. I had a great weekend, it was lovely to see family and have a change of scenery. I will be doing a Leeds haul post with what I bought while I was away too! :-)

Have you been to Leeds centre shopping? Did you enjoy it? :-) x

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Superdrug Haircare, Skincare and Body etc. Haul

Hey, I feel like I haven’t done a haul blogpost for a while so thought I would show you a few toiletries I have been buying. My lips have been a bit chapped so I purchased my holy grail Blistex lip cream. It does an amazing job at softening and moisturising my lips.

I wanted to try a few new products which is something I haven’t really considered for a while. I’ve been eager to check the Aussie volume shampoo for a while now. I’ve been using it as one of my current shampoos. It’s pretty good but doesn’t quite live up to Miracle Shine by Aussie.

On another thought I’ve been testing out the collection concealer which is big in the beauty community. I absolutely love the effect however the lightest shade is just a touch too dark for my skin tone.  I think I will get some use out of it in the summer though.

What are your favourite products at the mo? Have you been shopping too? Xx

Blistex Relief Cream £1.29 (BUY HERE)
Carmex Ultra Moisturising Lip Balm in Pomegranate SPF 15 £2.16 (BUY HERE)
St Ives Gentle Apricot Scrub 150ml £2.14 (BUY HERE)
Aussie Shower Gel Shower Smoothie 250ml £2.99 (BUY HERE)
Aussie Shampoo Aussome Volume 300ml £4.69 (BUY HERE)
Superdrug Body Puff X 2 In Pink and Blue £1.99 each (BUY HERE)
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in fair £4.19 (BUY HERE)
Essie nail polish ‘Jump In My Jumpsuit’ given as gift (BUY HERE)
Essie three way glaze. Given as gift. (BUY HERE)