Saturday, 30 May 2015

Leeds Weekend Shopping Haul

This is part two of my Leeds weekend post. Go to the previous post here. So I thought I would show you the things I bought, let’s get started….

My favourite clothing item I picked up would have to be the linen shirt from Marks & Spencer’s. In my opinion it’s such a lovely casual versatile piece. Since being back home I have been wearing it undone like a little jacket with dresses. I can see myself wearing this loads!

A close second would have to be a coral jumper my Auntie spotted in the sale for £3.00. Again I have been wearing this none stop. Mainly like a jumper dress with leggings on my days at home. I bought it really oversized for this reason.

I purchased some loungewear in Primark including a nightdress with ‘Tres Chic’ on the front. I cheated a little with this item as I have been wearing it out as a T-shirt dress. I thought I could get away with this quite easily due to the style of it. In addition I purchased two pairs of lounge trousers. I prefer the black ones to the peach coloured ones as they can be worn out.

Lastly I we went into Wilko and I spotted a really sweet notebook for £1.00 and I just love it. What a little bargain! I got some Hotel Chocolate and a cute folder as souvenirs but didn’t photograph these.

Have you picked up any similar items? What was your fav thing that I bought? X

Marks & Spencer’s
Blue stripe linen shirt £28.00 (Buy here)

Coral oversized jumper SALE £3.00

Black chic t-shirt dress £5.00
Black joggers with logo £8.00
Peach joggers with logo £8.00

Selfie exercise book £1.00 (Buy here)