Sunday, 14 October 2018

Faith in Nature Lavender Shampoo & Conditioner

Hi to you all and welcome back, today I’m going to be reviewing a shampoo and conditioner by Faith in Nature which I featured in a recent haul. I buy most of my toiletries on the Superdrug website, as they offer free delivery over £10 and have a wide range of cruelty-free products. I went for FIN, a natural, vegan brand on this occasion, as I wanted to give myself a treat. I’ve been eyeing the lavender scent for ages now, I would regard it as an autumn winter fragrance and also I like the calming properties. I paid £5.49 for the shampoo and the same for the conditioner and both are 400ml, though Superdrug do offers sometimes so you can buy cheaper from the brands extensive range.

So how did I get on with these? Wow I was really impressed, and I enjoyed using the products very much. The lavender and geranium scent was so lovely, and the formula of the shampoo and conditioner was spot on, my hair felt nourished, shiny and manageable after each use. I do like the sophisticated packaging too although I’ve spotted the newest FIN brand packaging hitting some of the shops, personally I prefer the old design but the new is more modern. Buy here.

Would I recommend these? Definitely. Either for yourself or even as a gift.

Have you heard of Faith in Nature? 
What scents in toiletries do you gravitate towards in the A/W months? :-) Xx

Thursday, 11 October 2018

October Used Book Haul

I’ve been doing some secondhand book collecting from a variety of places including a café on my holls with a book corner to raise money for charity, and my local free bookshop which sadly has now closed which makes me sad. Jane Blonde and The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole were purchased for approx £1 each going towards charity and all the others are from the free bookshop.

Just for a little update because the free bookshop closed down, my Mum and I have started visiting our local library van and the book selection is pretty good plus you can order in books too. Out of this book haul I’ve already read the Jane Costello book and Laughter Lines by Des O’Connor, I won’t reveal too much because a review will be on its way.

Have you heard of any of these books? 
Are there any that you want to pick up? :-) Xx

Titles I picked up:

Jane Blonde by Jill Marshall
The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole aged 13¾ by Sue Townsend
Spectacles Autobiography by Sue Perkins
Here Come the Girls by Milly Johnson
Summer Nights at the Moonlight Hotel by Jane Costello
Laughter Lines by Des O’Connor

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Autumnal Primark Haul

Hi - hope you are all having a good week. I’m back with a Primark haul, I had a nosy in there last month and picked up some lovely pieces. I haven’t been to Primark in so long and it was nice to have a good browse. They were starting to get all the autumn stock in and they also had a few great last season bargains. I did buy some Christmas presents so I won’t be showing those although I did get a few bits for myself.

I saw this red check scarf as soon as I walked in, and the material was so soft too, they did have some other colours but I preferred the classic red. I paid a bit extra for the super soft feel although I was tempted by the £4 scarves in bright coloured check designs. This scarf is huge, really cosy but it’s not been quite cold enough for me to wear it out yet but I can’t wait.

They had a selection of fashion scarfs for £1 in the sale, this peachy nude colour seemed a bit different and for the price I thought I would experiment and try to style it. Moving on my eyes were drawn to this cosy waterfall jacket, the fabric felt more expensive than Primark and the fit was nice. I’ve already worn it quite a bit this month with a scarf.

Lastly as I was walking to the queue I spotted this iridescent notebook, it looked so cool so I put it in my basket. I think the new Primark cosy socks shed a bit so I went for the bobbly cosy socks which are similar and just as snug, the colours seemed lovely too.

What I Bought:

Red check blanket scarf £6.00
Nude fashion scarf SALE £1.00
Cosy waterfall jacket £15.00
Iridescent slay slogan notebook £1.50
Cosy colourful bobble socks £2.00

Have you done any autumnal shopping lately? 
Let me know what shops you visited! :-) Xx

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

The Deli at No. 85 | Café Review

How are you doing today? I’m coming back to you with a review of a café I visited recently with my family. I love cosy cafes in the colder months, there is nothing better than popping in to one for a hot beverage and cheeky slice of cake. Keep on reading if you want to hear my thoughts…

The Deli at No. 85 is a deli and café located in Skelton, North Yorkshire. When we arrived we got a warm welcome and the service was excellent. There was such a lovely atmosphere in the café, it wasn’t too quiet or busy and I enjoyed browsing the deli section.

I went for a very indulgent and unique recipe mocha, and it was pretty incredible. I didn’t have a cake as the drink was very filling (and special!). My only one negative was that everything was a little more expensive that we are used too but we enjoyed our visit as it was a treat and I recommend them.

Do you like cosy cafes too? 
What is your usual drink or cake that you like to order? :-) Xx

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Autumn Bake With Me: Vanilla Cupcakes

I often do baking content on my blog but it’s been a good while since I’ve done a photo diary of this so I thought I would revisit that idea. Today I’m going to be sharing how I made vanilla cupcakes which is a very easy bake and one where I could do a photo diary with more ease. I used a recipe from The Hungry Student Baking book by Charlotte Pike. The recipes are great in there and a perfect way to introduce yourself to baking.

Although the mixture went in the oven a little runny I didn’t need to worry as they cooked perfectly fine and the finished cupcakes were tasty and moist. I’ve recently been thinking about how to decrease my sugar intake and if I were to do this recipe again I might try swapping the sugar for sweetener. I have some ideas in my head ready to be put into action as well as some I’ve already done for more healthy bakes so stay tuned!

Do you like baking too? 
What kind of recipes are your favourite? :-) Xx

Friday, 14 September 2018

Autumn/September Misc. Haul

Hi – Today I’m coming to you with a miscellaneous early autumn haul. This is a collection of things I’ve accumulated lately including beauty, fashion and accessories. I’m most excited to test out this shampoo and conditioner set from Faith in Nature because I don’t think I’ve had the lavender and geranium scent before plus it seems fitting for autumn/winter. I was low on make-up remover and did a search on Superdrug for something suitable. B.Pure is a cruelty-free brand and their wipes have had a lot of positive reviews so we will see how I get on with those as well.

I was in town with a friend and we had a little look in River Island at the beautiful bags and purses but the prices were a bit steep. Later we went to Peacocks and I saw this rainbow glitter purse and knew I had to have it at a fraction of the cost. We have a shop called Store Twenty One near us and I often pop in for some amazing deals. They were selling t-shirts for £1-2 so I picked up three! The khaki and navy ones are giving me autumnal vibes. Lastly we went into a boutique called Robanora, they had some beautiful pieces at reasonable prices. The shop owner recommended this seahorse dress which ended up looking lovely on so I bought it.

What I bought:

Faith in Nature lavender & geranium shampoo £5.49 (Buy Here)
Faith in Nature lavender & geranium conditioner £5.49
B. Pure sensitive micellar cleansing wipes £1.49 (Buy Here)

Rainbow glitter purse £7.00

Store Twenty One:
Red acid wash t-shirt SALE £1.00
Khaki t-shirt SALE £2.00
Navy t-shirt SALE £2.00

Robanora Boutique
Seahorse dress SALE £10.00

Have you treated yourself to anything this month? 
Which item from my haul was your favourite? :-) Xx

Monday, 10 September 2018

Original Source Shower Milks

Welcome back. Today I wanted to share my thoughts on the Original Source shower milks. I have the cherry and almond milk as well as the lime and coconut milk. Original Source is one of my favourite brands for shower gels. Since a teen I’ve been using their lime and also lemon variety on and off for years. I’ve been wanting to test out the shower milks for a while, the new formula and scents intrigued me as well as seeing the pretty pastel bottles on the blogosphere.

So what did I think? They lathered well, were nourishing and gentle on the skin and the formula wasn’t too runny, it was actually quite thick. The packaging makes it easy to use in the shower too. The cherry and almond fragrance took me by surprise, it reminded me a little of playdough so I wasn’t sure. The lime and coconut was the winner for me, and was similar to the old lime scent but the products didn’t quite par up to the first range. 

I would recommend the mango, lime or lemon scent the most but a new one has popped up called rhubarb and raspberry which sounds promising. I had a browse on Superdrug today and they have slightly changed the packaging mainly the shape but also the general design. I have to say they are not as pretty to look at as the first branding sadly but they are on offer for £1.00 each if you want to grab a bargain. For those of you who do not know this brand is vegan and can be bought at most chemists and supermarkets. Buy here.

Have you tried these before? 
Did we have similar thoughts? :-) Xx

Saturday, 8 September 2018

The Snack Diaries | Part Ten

Cachet Organic Milk Chocolate
(From Aldi, price unknown, 100g)
This chocolate was kindly gifted to me, and I was really pleased to receive it. The pattern and colours on the packaging are really eye-catching. The chocolate had a milky, creamy and satisfying taste, I recommend you try it!

Malteasers Teasers Chocolate Spread
(From Heron Foods, price unknown, 200g)
This was a luxurious treat, particularly with a bit spread on toast. The malty crunchy pieces made it for me. I couldn’t see myself buying it again because of the calories, but as I was gifted it, it was nice to try it.

Heath & Heather Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea
(From Aldi, price unknown, 20 teabags)
The design on the front of the box is gorgeous, it has a bit of an autumnal vibe and would be a good option for gifting. The raspberry flavour was lovely and sweet but a little weak per teabag. It would make a great everyday tea.

Options Belgian Chocolate for Drinking
(From Heron Foods, price and quantity unknown)
This is one of my favourite brands for hot chocolate because each cup is so delicious at only 40 calories. I do love their mint variety too. Definitely worth a try if you see it in store.

Which of these would you like to try the most? 
Do you have any foodie recommendations for me? :-) Xx

Saturday, 25 August 2018

Recent Reads Reviewed #8

One Christmas in Paris by Mandy Baggot – 4/5

This book was quite difficult to review because there were elements I thoroughly enjoyed yet there were somethings that frustrated me a little. While the development of romance seemed too quickly paced overall, the spark between Julien, and Ava, felt natural, their narrations were well written and heart-felt.

Photography features quite a lot in the book, some of my favourite moments were when Julien was taking photos of Paris, everything seemed to come together, and the descriptions of what he was photographing worked very well. Ava became Julien’s muse from their first encounter, taking photos of her without her say-so which I didn’t agree with. But as photography is a fond hobby of mine, Julien’s passion for it, kept me interested.

As a Christmas novel, I can see the plot and characters will be a little fluffy and light-hearted. But the story was compelling, and I genuinely couldn’t put it down, I felt gripped. I’ve come away in good spirits from the book, as the story is memorable.

The Hungry Student Easy Baking by Charlotte Pike - 5/5

This has become my favourite and most used baking book I own. Nearly all the recipes I have made from this book have been amazing and very reliable. The recipes are actually fairly simplified, with short descriptions and a minimal feel to the illustrations. I particularly enjoy the cookie section as there are so many interesting variations. Even if you are not a student, but you want to try baking, this is the book for you!

One Minute to Midnight by Amy Silver -  5/5

Going into this I expected it to be a really fluffy chick lit book, but the storyline had a fair amount of grit to it which I liked. The characters were believable, rough around the edges and troubled in a lot of ways. There were a few cultural and political references which is unlike a lot of chit literature. There was quite a bit of travelling to different parts of the world too, which added a unique element.

The chapters jumped about from different time lines, which usually I don’t take too, but the author did this very nicely. I researched the author and book afterwards and I was stunned to see Amy Silver is a pen name for the famous Paula Hawkins, writer of The Girl on The Train. I’ve read this too, and the chapters do the same thing within the more famous book.

The writing style was very entrancing, it was easy to get lost in the book, and I finished it remarkably quickly. I enjoyed the few major plot twists which came out the blue. One Minute to Midnight is actually very well written. I was deceived by the pretty cover, as it was definitely not your typical kind of read. If you like Paula Hawkins writing, I would give this one a go.

The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking – 5/5

I was delighted when I saw this book available to buy second hand in one of our local coffee shops. I picked it up immediately and donated some change to charity. This book interested me because of all the hype I’ve seen in the blogging and booktube community, but also I really love the idea of learning more about how to be cosy, relaxed, and appreciate the simple pleasures.

The chapters vary on different themed topics about hygge, my favourites were the ones about how to enjoy hygge for yourself, with really cool tips. The short chapter about introverts really captured my attention too, and I resonated with what had been said. 

The illustrations were excellent, they created a wonderful ambience to this coffee table book. The only small element I disliked was I found there were too many statistics which were less interesting, this wasn’t enough to knock it down a star. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and recommend it.

Us by David Nicholls – 5/5

What a marvellous book, after reading One Day, I felt a bit underwhelmed but Us swept me away. I really wanted Douglas to succeed with his holiday plans and for him to reconnect with his wife and son. I enjoyed the family’s both physical and emotional journey. The protagonist Douglas, came across likeable even though he was someone with imperfections. Although Connie irritated me at times, I thought she was written well, and I could imagine her being a real person. It was nice to see characters that were rough around the edges and the dialogue created an unease and tension for the reader as there were many quarrels along the way.

There were some very interesting observations into art, as the family toured famous art exhibitions, both from those who did and did not have an understanding of it. I was surprised to find I liked the structure of the book and the way the narrative jumped from timelines. The journey of the holiday really grounded the way the story was told. The conclusion was unpredictable yet I felt satisfied in the way it ended. I believe this novel could appeal to a wide range of people and I fully recommend it.

Have you read any of these? 
What book are you currently reading? :-) Xx