Monday, 30 December 2013

Christmas Presents Haul 2013! :D Xx

Hi there lovelies!

Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and sending best wishes for 2014. I love looking at Christmas present hauls on blogs and YouTube for gift inspiration and having a little nosy. 

I always find new ideas and love sharing tips along the way. I hope you enjoy my 2013 Christmas haul, please feel free to comment below with a link to yours.

My favourite gifts include my FIRST Mac lipstick, my dad picked out the colour ‘Plumful’. I loved the pyjamas and slippers my mum gave me too. I will be doing more in depth reviews on some of the products I received :)

My Christmas was lovely; I love the build up to the actual day. I went to see the coke cola van in our local city and went to some lovely Christmas markets. I spent lots of time with family and friends which made my Christmas extra special. 

Lots of love,

Helen XxXx

How was your Christmas? What was your favourite present you received? Did we get similar things?

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Empties December // Things I would repurchase

This blog post has been a long awaited but with my bedroom being redecorated I had a bag of empties on hold for a while. Because of this I’ve got more empties than usual and will be doing it in two parts, things I would repurchase and things I would not repurchase. So enjoy...

Johnson's Dreamy Skin 3in1 Facial Night Wipes (discontinued)
These wipes were a definite holy grail item for me unfortunately they are now discontinued as Johnsons has launched a new range of wipes with slightly different packaging and purposes.

Impulse Temptation Vanilla & Peach Body Spray
Impulse launched some new scents to their range this year and I’ve been really enjoying trying two that I picked up. Temptation is a beautiful fresh, sporty and summery fragrance.

Impulse Into Glamour Sandalwood & Vanilla body Spray
This is quite a nostalgic scent for me because in my teens I loved their original vanilla body spray. When this came out I had to get it, it’s a very similar scent and perfect for Autumn/Winter.

Impulse City Collection Mini Body Spray
This scent is divine and in my opinion a good one for the summer months. It reminds me of my holidays and smells of berries and other fresh fruit and 35ml bottles are great for travelling!

Ted Baker Butterfly Wings Body Spray 150ml (£5.50 Boots)
Lovely product to use, great for an instant lift the scent is quite strong and floral. The 150ml lasted me a good while. I received this is a gift set and is lovely alongside other items such as the body butter.

Original Source Vanilla & Raspberry Shower Gel 250ml (£1.00 Boots)
Fruity and light I devoured this little pick me up. The price is reasonable but didn’t last that long really, the bottle wasn’t that big. Overall I would repurchase as a treat because of the scent and it foamed so well.

Ted Baker Origami Body Spray 50ml (£2.50 Boots)
Described as sandalwood and juicy raspberry I found it to be lovely and stayed on the skin for hours. I don’t think everyone will like it as its quite overpowering but personally I love it!

Soap & Glory Foam Call body Wash 500ml (£5.50 Boots)
I will be doing a full review of this very shortly but it was a dream to use and foamed up so well. The scent is perfect!!

Soap & Glory Whipped Clean Shower Butter (£8.00 Boots)
I was pleasantly surprised how effective this product was. Left my skin so soft! Will be doing a full review shortly.

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse 004 champagne (£7.69 Boots)

Quite simply one of the best foundations I’ve ever used. So easy to blend using fingers. Natural flawless finish and the shade is perfectly suited to my fair skin.

Out of these products which have you used? Did you like it? Do you like doing empties blog posts also? xx

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Dorothy Perkins Jewellery Shopping Haul

Dorothy Perkins isn’t a shop I normally go in but feel I should more often. Maybe by some it’s seen as an older women’s shop but I’ve found they have some gorgeous classic pieces. Once more they have a wide selection of sizes including a tall section.

When I was looking round DPs this week I found there jewellery sale was particularly fantastic. Many items were 50%. I love brooches for pinning on coat collars and berets. The ones I picked up have a cool vintage vibe which I adore.

I’ve noticed a few fashion bloggers like mixing gold with silver. I spotted a two pack of slinky bracelets in gold and silver and just had to pick it up!

I bought four separate items and it all came to £14 which in my opinion is a great bargain. I also like to mix it up a bit because I kind of stick to primark jewellery for value but because of a sale I’ve ventured into another shop for this.

I hope you like the pieces I picked up. Do you wear brooches? Do you find you stick to the same shops and would you consider checking out Dorothy Perkins? You should!

Blue and pink brooch £3.00 (SALE originally £8.50)

Gold and silver bird brooch £3.00 (SALE originally £8.50)

Monochrome Brooch £3.00 (SALE originally £8.50)

Slinky bracelets in silver and gold £5 (SALE originally £10)

Friday, 8 November 2013

Grab a hot cocoa and read a book :)

Grab a hot cocoa and read a book :)

Grab a hot cocoa and read a book :) by capstick13 featuring gold home decor

Hey! :)

How are you today?

I started my Christmas shopping this week which I’m so glad about. I’m so not a last minute person, most the time I’m super organised so it feels good to have made a start. 

I noticed through web surfing primark have a new website. I thought this was so cool and they upload there latest collections just as they hit the shops. It’s nice to get an idea whats in before you go. Have you checked out there website? Just type in primark in google.

I thought I would share one of my latest polyvore sets with you. I’m getting into the Christmas spirit a little with a few of my polyvore sets and collections.

Who doesn’t like to curl up with a book and mug of hot chocolate?! At the moment I am reading The Gift by Cecelia Ahern which is a Christmas novel. I love it and so far it’s really heartfelt and filled with unexpected twists. I’m near the end so let me know if you would like a review when I’m all done.

Do you like reading Christmas novels? How are you getting into the festive spirit?

Helen Xx

Friday, 25 October 2013

Primark, H&M, Poundworld etc Haul

Hauls are my favourite post to do. I love looking at hauls on other peoples blogs, its fun to be a little nosy and get ideas.

Late September I went shopping with two of my lovely friends in our local town. We mainly visited Primark but popped into lots of other shops too.

I picked up a beautiful black knitted dress with a white collar from Primark. It had that kind of preppy feel to it which I liked. At £12 you can’t really go wrong. I picked up a size 10 and found with this item the sizing was slightly on the larger side.

I picked up a beautiful blue nail varnish from h&m called ‘Serenity now’ and a blue glitter polish caught my eye called ‘Did I tell you’ and thought they would be perfect together. Post on this soon! I bought some other bits too ;)

Have you been in Primark lately? What have you been swooning over in the shops? Xx

Black collared jumper £12.00
Multi coloured scarf £4.00
Thermal socks £2.50
Chunky gold necklace £2.00
Leaf necklace £2.00

Detangler hairbrush in lilac £1.00

‘Serenity now’ nail polish £2.99
‘Did I tell you’ £2.99

Original source vanilla and raspberry shower gel £0.99

Monday, 14 October 2013

Leeds Weekend & Trinity Shopping Centre Haul

Hey you!

Today I wanted to show you a few bits I picked up in leeds shopping. I visited my auntie for a weekend and we spent a whole day shopping, it was lots of fun! 

We visited the trinity shopping centre which is fairly new and I’ve never been before and was rather impressed. I will be doing a separate blog post on this soon!!

I tried not to overspend while I was out and only pick up things I absolutely can’t live without. First off we popped into Next and they had a fabulous sale on. 

My eye was drawn over to the scarves straight away and I fell in love with the check patterned ones. I couldn’t choose between the pink and orange so I bought both and luckily there were on sale half price.

Later on we went into Accessorize and their pieces at the moment are gorgeous. I immediately saw a winter green trilby and after trying it on had to have it.

The Oasis store was really bang on trend and I could have spent a lot more in there. I tried on a pretty dress and was pleased with the style and fitted me well. I picked up a company magazine too.

Have you been to Leeds for shopping? What do you think of my purchases? xx


Olive belted trilby hat £25 (buy here)


Wrap viscose dress £45.00 (Buy here)


Pink check scarf £4.00 (SALE)
Orange check scarf £4.00 (SALE)


Company September Magazine £2.50

Friday, 4 October 2013

Soap & Glory Pulp-Friction Foaming Fruity Body Scrub 250ml (£8.00)

Today I’m going to be doing a show and tell on a beautiful product I’ve been using. I received Soap & Glorys Pulp Friction as a gift and have been delighted with the results after use. It’s probably not something I would pick up myself but I’m so glad I’ve been introduced to it. I’m not one for fads and was just a tinsy bit sceptical at what the scrub claimed to do. 

To start off with the packaging is wonderful (like most of their items!). The fragrance is hard to put a finger on at first but the bottle states fig, peppermint oil, lemonade and orange! The scent is pleasant but I’m not always reaching to have that additional cheeky sniff! ;)

The consistency is just right and includes little beads to exfoliate. After massaging into damp skin I found it foamed up very well. There was no waste because the cream was easy to work into the skin and there weren’t any clumps. It was easy to wash off too.

After stepping out the shower and drying I found my skin to be a lot smoother. It’s a treat to use and have been totally converted to the Soap & Glory brand.

I think Soap & Glory are really on the money with this product and after researching it further on the boots website I found it had won a couple of beauty awards. (Buy here!)

Have you tried Pulp-Friction Scrub? Whats your favourite Soap & Glory product? Xx  

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Mini Primark & Superdrug Haul

Primark is known for its cheap and cheerful jewellery but often some of the designs can look a bit tacky. However it’s fun to root through the jewellery stands and on this occasion I picked up some gorgeous bits that you would maybe never realise came from Primark.

I was most impressed with the rings I bought because there so pretty and have a vintage style to them. Another piece that I just love is the peace sign necklace which I bought in the sale for £1.00 which is a total bargain. All the pieces I came home with I imagine I could wear on a day to day basis and spruce up any outfit.

I also went into Superdrug as I was in need of a new concealer. Unfortunately the one I always buy had been discontinued. I bought a very similar one which I will be reviewing.  

I got some more Johnsons dream wipes which I have reviewed here and used before. I noticed Johnsons have updated there packaging and they have branded the range of there wipes differently. Now theres more in the range and each product name has been altered. Despite this the product does look fairly similar but I haven’t tried them yet.


Mixed flower ring £3.00
Green vintage ring £1.00 (SALE)
Peace sign necklace £1.00 (SALE)
Pink beaded necklace £3.00
Stone heart necklace £2.00


Johnson’s dreamy night wipes £1.52
Maybelline cover stick concealer in 01 Ivory £4.09

Do you like Primark jewellery? 
What jewellery trends have caught your eye? Xx