Saturday, 30 November 2013

Dorothy Perkins Jewellery Shopping Haul

Dorothy Perkins isn’t a shop I normally go in but feel I should more often. Maybe by some it’s seen as an older women’s shop but I’ve found they have some gorgeous classic pieces. Once more they have a wide selection of sizes including a tall section.

When I was looking round DPs this week I found there jewellery sale was particularly fantastic. Many items were 50%. I love brooches for pinning on coat collars and berets. The ones I picked up have a cool vintage vibe which I adore.

I’ve noticed a few fashion bloggers like mixing gold with silver. I spotted a two pack of slinky bracelets in gold and silver and just had to pick it up!

I bought four separate items and it all came to £14 which in my opinion is a great bargain. I also like to mix it up a bit because I kind of stick to primark jewellery for value but because of a sale I’ve ventured into another shop for this.

I hope you like the pieces I picked up. Do you wear brooches? Do you find you stick to the same shops and would you consider checking out Dorothy Perkins? You should!

Blue and pink brooch £3.00 (SALE originally £8.50)

Gold and silver bird brooch £3.00 (SALE originally £8.50)

Monochrome Brooch £3.00 (SALE originally £8.50)

Slinky bracelets in silver and gold £5 (SALE originally £10)