Friday, 18 May 2012

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A Trip into Town – May Shopping Haul

I went into town with a couple of friends last week. We went to see the avengers in 3D, it was pretty good! Afterwards we did a bit of shopping.

I was so excited about the new Escada range launch. I bought sexy graffiti which I’m in awe of at the mo. I got a few other bits and bobs too.

List of things I bought:

Escada Sexy Graffiti 30ml
(From Debenhams) £22
(Superdrug costmetics 3 for 2)
Accessorize merged baked blusher in ‘5 sensation’. £5.00
Maybelline cover stick in ivory £4.25

Accessorize nail polish in khaki £2.95 (Free)
Pri Mark socks £2.50
Whats your number DVD
from Sainsburies £5.00

The Body Shop Love Inc body butter 50ml £5.00

I have mixed feelings about this product. After smelling the love Inc fragrance in perfume form I loved it, it’s such as sweet perfume. However the scent of the body butter is more intense and reminds me a little of play dough!

Luckily after applying it onto the skin, the scent was less strong. I think maybe having a sniff from the tub was a little overpowering.  

I found applying a smaller amount works best and makes the scent to be less overpowering. I’m still not overly keen on the scent; it’s not what I expected.

However it’s a rich formula, leaving the skin super soft. It sinks in better after a hot bath or shower. It’s a colourless formula, just a clean white colour. I also really like the packaging, it’s modern and different.

I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing if I’m honest. I’ve read other reviews of this product and some people favour the scent, I suppose it’s a matter of personal preference.

My tip when trying new products is to buy travel size, that way you can go back for more if you like it or use it up quick if you’re not as keen.

Soap and Glory heel genius 125ml £5.50

I’ve tried a number of Soap & Glory products for example ones I received in gift sets. I love the packaging and the products are of a high quality.

I was in Boots and wanted to try a new product. Soap & Glory are known to be good and id never tried there foot cream so thought I would give it a go.

The product is a delight to use. It has a lovely minty fresh scent but it’s not too strong. The scent is slightly different to some of the other items in the range, simply because it’s a foot cream and includes different ingredients.

It says to massage a generous amount onto feet, which I did. It also mentions you can leave it on overnight under cotton socks. I did not do this because it was a funny sensation on the feet and a little oily.

Despite this, it works very well. I would recommend putting it on 15 minutes before you step into the shower/bath so you can rinse it off. My feet felt super soft and smooth, even after first application.

I think £5.50 if quite a lot to spend for the 125ml bottle but I think this tube will last me a while. It’s a nice product to have on your beauty table and great for pampering.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Boots No7 Blissful Body Wash 200ml - £9.00

I have mixed emotions about this product. Although there are many lovely quality’s to this item in my opinion is it did not really live up to the hype.

The packaging is elegant and simple; I like the peach and silver colours on the bottle. The style would probably aim more towards older women and after purchasing, this was my conclusion.

If you are looking for a shower gel for women mid twenties or younger there are a lot of other much better shower gels you could buy. 

At £9.00 I was expecting fantastic results. After reading the description on the bottle it described that the product would make your skin feel luxurious and super soft.

The liquid was a cream colour and lathered up quite well. I did benefit a little from using it a couple of times but not more than other much cheaper shower gels I have previously used.

Despite the great pretty bottle, you could pick up dove or imperial leather shower gel and achieve just the same effect. No7 is an excellent brand, if you are already a fan or have sensitive skin you may like to give this body wash a go.