Sunday, 24 March 2013

Review of Original Source Lime Shower Gel (£1 Poundworld)

I had a bit of an obsession with original source shower gels back when I was a teen. I couldn’t get enough of their zesty, fresh and distinctive scents. Lime has to be my all time fav but there is lot of other editions in the range. 

For £1 you can’t really go wrong. Everry time I use this shower gel it wakes me up and puts me in a good mood. I kind of like the packaging too, it’s bold and bright! It’s easy to use with the sturdy cap. It lathers up well and the aroma lingers leaving a wonderful lime smell. 

Are you addicted the the original source shower gel range or do you prefer other brands? Let me know! Xx

Review of Real Techniques Starter set (your eyes/enhanced) £21.99 from Boots

This is a great set if you are beginning to learn about makeup. The Real Techniques brushes are quite well known through there YouTube Channel pixiwoo. I’ve been following there tutorial videos for a while and there pretty good.

I was impressed with their core collection set and blush brush. I use the blush brush all the time to apply powder blush. I don’t constantly use the starter kit. I do use the base shadow brush quite a bit to apply eye shadow and I sometimes use the crease brush.

The brow brush is a small coarse angled brush which is handy to apply shadow to the brows. I have quite thick eyebrows already therefore never really feel the need to use this particular brush.

The accent brush is for applying lipstick with precision. The effect depends on the formula of the lipstick. I did find the brush to be very small and not that much more efficient than applying the lipstick straight off.

I don’t own any eyeliner in a pot therefore found it tricky to try out the eyeliner brush. From having a good look at it, it seemed sturdy and well made. It looks easy to get an accurate effect/straight line.

The crease brush is great to blend in two colours on the eye. It’s a small dense round brush. This is a great brush to try out the two tonal eye shadow look which I’ve been playing about a bit with myself. It’s a versatile and handy brush.

The base eye shadow brush I’ve been using all the time. It’s the perfect size to apply eye shadow to the lid. Its gives a clean and natural finish.

Overall I found the brushes to be great but I was expecting the bristles to be softer on each of the brushes. I wasn’t absolutely amazed by this set but thats just my opinion. It may grow on me though!

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Whats you opinion on the real techniques brush range? Are they over hyped or a holy grail item?

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Accessorize Nail Polish in Khaki (£2.95) Review

Accessorize brought out a makeup range a while back and when they introduced the brand to Superdrug shelves I had to try some of their products. 

This lovely khaki shade can be worn with most outfits because of its neutral, nudey undertone. I found the formula easy to apply to the nails and dried fairly quickly. 

I was really impressed with the finish, its glossy which I prefer over matt. They have quite a large selection of other great colours and starting at £2.95, there great value! 

What do you think of Accessorize makeup, are you keen to try any of their products or do you have any recommendations? xx

James Brown Colour Enhance Products Review

Colour Enhance Shampoo

I got given this set of hair care products as a gift. In the past I’ve coloured treated my hair many times and these products are perfect to use for this. The bottle states ‘revitalise and refresh chemically treated hair’.

After using this shampoo I found my hair to be more smooth and sleek. The fragrance is clean and fresh smelling which leaves hair smelling gorgeous throughout the day.

Colour Enhance Conditioner

The conditioner is lovely to use and only a small amount is needed each time. I found it to be very soothing and great for that moisture boost to your hair.

Intensive Moisture Mask

I was over the moon with the overall quality of this product. It comes in a 150ml bottle with the set and can also be bought separately in many drugstores. 

I found it most helpful to apply to damp hair, leave in for about 5-10 minutes and rinse thoroughly. I could really feel the stuff working and my hair felt nourished, soft and squeaky clean after use. 

In my opinion, any hair type could benefit from this mask, not just coloured treated hair. 

Have you used James Brown products before? How did you find them? Do you have any recommendations? xx

No7 Skin & Body Care Travel Collection Review

Beautiful Skin Night Cream Normal/Dry

I was highly impressed by the top quality product. After trying many different moisturisers in the past, this has to be one of my all time favourites.

I like the fact it is hypo-allergic making the cream super gentle and soothing on the skin. I found the normal/dry formula suited my skin type. Although other skin type products can be bought in the range.

Applying it on an evening is best, leaving it to soak in through the night. In the morning I found my skin was gloriously smooth and soft.

No7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream Normal/Dry SPF15

This product has comparable quality’s to the night cream. This is great to apply in the morning as a makeup base. The day cream includes A SPF15 which is great to protect your skin from the sun.

Beautiful Skin Radiance Exfoliator 

I had high hopes for the exfoliator and unfortunately I was indifferent after using it. The formula includes a super gentle cream with pink grains to smooth out the skin.

I found it to be very mild which is great for super sensitive skin but I felt it didn’t do a great deal. I didn’t feel a vast improvement immediately but maybe using it more long term may work.

My favourite face scrub of all time is the St Ives invigorating scrub; this can be used once a week for fabulous effects. I highly recommend St Ives for facial scrubs. St Ives scrub review here.

Completely Quenched Moisturising Body Lotion

As stated on the tube ‘Wrap your skin in head-to-toe luxury with the velvety soft lotion. Light airy and quickly absorbed. It vanishes into thirsty skin to quench and care all day long. Softens smoothes and evens out texture to leave skin looking healthy and radiant.’

I found all of the above to be true. The lotion was super velvety and light. I think many people trying this will enjoy using the product. My only criticism is the fragrance was quite soapy. I would have liked a musky, oriental etc fragrance.

Blissful Body Wash

I’ve tried out this product previously, click here for the review.

No7 Beautiful Skin Quick Thinking Wipes

I was delighted with the quality of this product and will most definitely be repurchasing. These wipes are hypo-allergenic and remove any makeup including mascara very well.

I’ve found in the past some facial wipes can be too oily or too drying on the skin. I found a happy medium with these and my skin really benefitted from this luxury.

Not only this but the packaging really impressed me. The plastic top made life a lot easier. The lid could be flipped open and shut which was a great idea to keep the wipes air tight. 

I recommend this product to anyone; it suits all skin types and is lovely if you want to treat yourself.

Have you tried any of the No7 skin Products, what were your thoughts? Do you have any recommendations? xx 

Fearne Cotton Hatbox Review

Body Spritzer

The information given on the packaging says it is ‘A powdery musk aroma, enhanced by creamy vanilla tones and a heart of soft muguet.’

I would say this describes the scent extremely well. I found the fragrance to be very strong almost like a perfume rather than a spritzer.

I wasn’t amazed by this product; the scent wasn’t a keen favourite of mine. The Fearne cotton range would probably be more suited to young girls or teens. Take note for next Christmas :)

Body Wash

Like the other products in the hat box, the scent was very strong. But the scent didn’t linger on the skin afterwards therefore if you want staying power, I would team it with the spritzer.

I really liked the packaging; the illustrations on the front are absolutely lovely. However, I found the bottle unpractical as the shower gel was very hard to get out while in the shower. I would have preferred a similar design to the body lotion.

Body Lotion

I found the body lotion to be super refreshing and calming on the skin. The tube packaging made getting the lotion out very easy. The scent remained on the skin for some time.

Body Polish

This product worked wonderfully to smooth and exfoliate dry skin. The grains were very corse and left skin feeling invigorated. The musky scent was present in the tub but didn’t hang around after use.

Shower Puff

I love receiving new shower puffs in these kinds of sets as I always use them in the shower. The Fearne cotton shower puff was satisfactory but not as good as the famous soap and glory one or other ones I have used in the past.

Have you tried any of the Christmas Boots Fearne Cotton range products? How did you find them? Will you be looking out for the sets next Christmas? xx