Thursday, 28 August 2014

My First Mac Purchase. Lipstick In Plumful.

Last Christmas I received this wonderful Mac lipstick. It was my first ever Mac purchase and on Christmas day I was so pleased to find this in my stocking.

Plumful is a beautiful natural plumy colour. I would say this is a beautiful colour to wear in the evening if you are going somewhere posh like a restaurant or if you are away on holiday.

The finish is lustre and have been really impressed with the formula. I nearly always wear matt lipsticks, this is fairly matt but with a little extra moisture. It’s easily buildable too. You can wear it during the day is you apply less and dab with a tissue in my opinion. I found the quality to be very good and loved the vanilla scent. 

I’m now on my second Mac lipstick. I received ‘Brave’ for my birthday. This is a similar colour but a little less bold than ‘Plumful’. Its a great buildable pinky nude.

I chose the colours from blog colour swatches and browsing Debenhams online. My advice would be to choose a colour you think you will get the most wear from. If you are looking for a special occasion product or just want to treat yourself a Mac lipstick is a wonderful thing to have.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

On my Birthday. What I got and more.

My birthday was last month but I thought I would share a few bits from my day. My main present was the Keeping Up With The Kardashians DVD series 1-7. The year before I was given The Hills DVD series. It’s become a bit of a tradition that I get a DVD series to watch over the year.

I received some beautiful beauty gifts which I will be reviewing for my blog. This year I got given my second Mac lipstick in ‘Brave’. It’s a gorgeous nudey pink and very easy to wear. I’ve been using my new Rituals gift set and the foaming shower gel is amazing. The smell of the whole set is pretty incredible. I will keep you posted on how I go on with my beauty gifts.

My dad bought me a beautiful rose birthday cake from Morrison’s. It was a sponge cake with jam in the middle and covered in icing. It was absolutely delicious and lasted a good few days. In addition to that I went out for a meal with my close friends. We went to a local pub and had the cavery. We had ice cream for dessert. It was lovely and great to catch up with the group for my birthday.

What did you do for your birthday this year? Did we receive any similar gifts? Xxx

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Pukka Elderberry & Echinacea with Elderflower Tea

While writing this I’m sipping the last tea from my Pukka tea box. After purchasing it while on holiday I’ve been really enjoying drinking it. It’s a lovely pick me up and I found making it really nice for any time of the day.

Each box comes with 20 sachets and each tea bag can be used for two cups of tea. The taste is surprisingly fruity and also deeply comforting. The flavour is very authentic using organic fruits.

It makes a wonderful change from the usual cup of tea. At £2.39 it’s quite reasonably priced. While I was in a health shop buying this I noticed lots of other interesting flavours. The Pukka brand has really won me over and I will most definitely be repurchasing and also trying all the other flavours.

I’m currently in the process of finding local stockists. I imagine though many supermarkets might stock some of the brand. It you fancy finding out more about Pukka click this link here

Do you drink fruit tea? Have you heard of Pukka? Xx

Sunday, 10 August 2014

The Sunday Post | Rainy, Hot Chocolate and Current Reads.

Hey there! I don’t know about you but near where I live it’s been raining all morning. Todays post is a insight into what I’ve been up to today and a little bit about my top summer reads.

I ventured out to meet up with friends this morning. We had a catch up in an arty little town near where I live. I had a lovely hot chocolate (with marshmallows and cream!). Beforehand I had a wander round a little vintage market which I quite enjoyed. 

This afternoon I’ve been editing some of my photography from this morning. I had taken some documentary type shots from the market. Later I plan on doing a bit of a jigsaw which I started this week.

This summer I’ve been reading Sarra Mannings ‘You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me’, Jane Costellos ‘All the Single Ladies’, Rainbow Rowells ‘Fangirl’ and I’ve just started reading Miranda Harts ‘Is It Just Me?’. They were pretty good reads my favourite being All the Single Ladies. I loved the authors humour and it’s a lovely light fun book.

My Goodreads account is (Link!) if you would like to add me! That would be lovely. I write reviews of most of the books I read on there.

What have you been doing this Sunday? Have you been reading any good books? Xx

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Primark, New Look, Dorothy Perkins etc Haul

I don’t normally buy lots of things in one go these days but a couple of my friends and I went shopping after getting money from our Birthdays. But I also added two things from another shopping trip.

I was seriously impressed with some of the Primark stock when I went in. Somedays I stroll in and things look a bit naff. They had some beautiful basic pieces and there was a pretty awesome sale too.

I know with my own experience it’s easy to go nuts when browsing in Primark. I ended up spending £31.50 and came out with some pieces which would be really valuable in my wardrobe.

I also went into New Look and bought a winter jumper in the sale, perfect for cold nights to snuggle up in. I had a quick browse in a sports shop and came out with a beautiful lilac hoody – ideal for my yoga sessions.

I bought a few other bits and bobs but without further ado, heres what I bought........


Green sports style tee SALE £3.00 (originally £8.00)
Sports luxe tee in navy £5.00
Short sleeve knit tee X 3 in different colours (£5.00 each)
Stretch cami vest X 3 in different colours (£2.00 each)
Elastic bobbles £1.00
Pink super cosy slippers £2.50

New Look

Neon pom pom scarf SALE £2.00 (originally £9.99)
Super cosy check jumper SALE £12.00 (originally £24.99)

JD Sports 

Lilac hoody £20.00

Dorothy Perkins

Light green feather tee SALE £7.00 (£12 originally estimate)


Eye shadow applicators £0.79

Which pieces do you like? Have you been shopping in the sales too? Xxx