Monday, 28 September 2015

Flash Jimmy Choo Perfume Review

Todays post I wanted to share my thoughts on a perfume I’ve been wearing. I bought it as a gift set in the January sales last year and have been reaching for it lately. So lets begin with the review…

Described online as an ‘Intoxicating and dangerously sexy, the scent parades on a catwalk of addictive Powdery Woods. Sparkles of Pink Pepper, Tangerine and Strawberry introduce a flash of White Flowers and Tuberose to this Eau De Parfum fragrance.’

When I first became aware of this perfume I was instantly drawn to the unusual and sexy scent. It’s a really fab all-rounder fragrance that's easy to wear day or night or in any season. It can be sprayed lightly or built up if you are going out in the evening and the scent is incredibly long lasting.

The designer like feel shows with the gorgeous chic packaging, it would look pretty on any dressing table. If any of you are interested the body lotion it came with was lovely, the scent comes across nicely and the lotion sinks in well.

It’s available as a 40ml bottle retailing at £30ish on fragrance direct but you could wait until the gift sets come out around Christmas. I would highly recommend it, perfect for yourself or someone special! Click here to buy online. What’s your perfect Autumn perfume? Have you tried this product? Xx

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Health Shop In Danby, North York Moors Tour + Review

Today’s post I will be chatting about a gorgeous health shop I visited while I was on my holiday. We have been visiting the same spot for a number of years. We popped into the shop quite a few times while away. My parents bought essentials such as organic food etc. while I loved to treat myself to a little something normally from the selection of chocolate. At the end of the holiday I bought a few more expensive bits such as makeup, haul post here.

The health shop has a wonderful selection of fresh organic food, beauty, gifts etc. I loved the selection of fruit and herbal teas, I’m really into trying out new kinds so it was a bit of heaven for me. Their beauty range has developed quite a bit and now stocking lots more natural brands such as Lavera, Faith In Nature, Jason, Pacifica etc. The prices are mostly quite reasonable especially as you are paying for quality.

The experience of walking into the shop is amazing, I love the aroma from the beauty items and the staff there are so helpful and friendly. If you are looking for gifts it’s a beautiful place to stop by. I would recommend it to those of you who like organic/natural products as everything in the shop is carefully selected.

So did you enjoy the tour of this shop? Would it be somewhere you might like to visit? Xx

Monday, 14 September 2015

Pukka Three Mint Herbal Tea Review

Despite liking so many other teas by Pukka this three mint variety was not really very appealing. Because of this I had to give it away as I could not manage to finish the rest of the box. So my thoughts on this product are as follows…..

I was hoping it would be a lovely variation of peppermint tea but there was a strong taste of toothpaste. It was way too strong and minty. I suppose I was taking a leap of faith with this one as I had not tried any other mint teas. My Mum was not really keen either.

I would not recommend this unless you love everything minty and don’t mind a strong minty taste in your tea. There were some positive factors though, I loved the packaging and the Pukka brand I do normally love. Retails at £2.39 but is on sale for £1.99 on the Pukka website, click here for this. Or I recommend trying the Pukka Elderberry & Echinacea with Elderflower Tea which I adore, review here, buy here.

What teas are you drinking at the mo? Have you tried this one, what were your thoughts? Xx

Friday, 4 September 2015

Autumn & Hot Chocolates

I love the feeling of the start of Autumn, it’s my favourite time of the year. This post is a bit of a miscellaneous rambling kind but hope you enjoy anyway…I met up with a friend on bank holiday Monday for a lovely catch up, we went to a trendy café in Saltburn called Profile Sitting room. The ambience and style of the café is lovely with vintage china and homemade cakes. I had a hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows (perfect get me in the mood for Autumn) and a tasty biscuit which there is a special name for but I can’t recall. I thought I would share some snippets from what we drank and ate.

I’ve been getting excited for A/W and so far I have read lots of related blog posts, looked into 2016 diaries, started my Christmas shopping, had my first Autumn hot chocolate, got back into reading and have a few Christmas novels on my Amazon wishlist ready to be ordered. I’m a planner at heart, I love to organise! Are you the same? Do you love this time of year? Let me know whats on your A/W to do list or what you are most looking forward too! Best wishes, Helen X