Friday, 4 September 2015

Autumn & Hot Chocolates

I love the feeling of the start of Autumn, it’s my favourite time of the year. This post is a bit of a miscellaneous rambling kind but hope you enjoy anyway…I met up with a friend on bank holiday Monday for a lovely catch up, we went to a trendy café in Saltburn called Profile Sitting room. The ambience and style of the café is lovely with vintage china and homemade cakes. I had a hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows (perfect get me in the mood for Autumn) and a tasty biscuit which there is a special name for but I can’t recall. I thought I would share some snippets from what we drank and ate.

I’ve been getting excited for A/W and so far I have read lots of related blog posts, looked into 2016 diaries, started my Christmas shopping, had my first Autumn hot chocolate, got back into reading and have a few Christmas novels on my Amazon wishlist ready to be ordered. I’m a planner at heart, I love to organise! Are you the same? Do you love this time of year? Let me know whats on your A/W to do list or what you are most looking forward too! Best wishes, Helen X