Sunday, 20 September 2015

Health Shop In Danby, North York Moors Tour + Review

Today’s post I will be chatting about a gorgeous health shop I visited while I was on my holiday. We have been visiting the same spot for a number of years. We popped into the shop quite a few times while away. My parents bought essentials such as organic food etc. while I loved to treat myself to a little something normally from the selection of chocolate. At the end of the holiday I bought a few more expensive bits such as makeup, haul post here.

The health shop has a wonderful selection of fresh organic food, beauty, gifts etc. I loved the selection of fruit and herbal teas, I’m really into trying out new kinds so it was a bit of heaven for me. Their beauty range has developed quite a bit and now stocking lots more natural brands such as Lavera, Faith In Nature, Jason, Pacifica etc. The prices are mostly quite reasonable especially as you are paying for quality.

The experience of walking into the shop is amazing, I love the aroma from the beauty items and the staff there are so helpful and friendly. If you are looking for gifts it’s a beautiful place to stop by. I would recommend it to those of you who like organic/natural products as everything in the shop is carefully selected.

So did you enjoy the tour of this shop? Would it be somewhere you might like to visit? Xx

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