Sunday, 24 March 2013

Review of Real Techniques Starter set (your eyes/enhanced) £21.99 from Boots

This is a great set if you are beginning to learn about makeup. The Real Techniques brushes are quite well known through there YouTube Channel pixiwoo. I’ve been following there tutorial videos for a while and there pretty good.

I was impressed with their core collection set and blush brush. I use the blush brush all the time to apply powder blush. I don’t constantly use the starter kit. I do use the base shadow brush quite a bit to apply eye shadow and I sometimes use the crease brush.

The brow brush is a small coarse angled brush which is handy to apply shadow to the brows. I have quite thick eyebrows already therefore never really feel the need to use this particular brush.

The accent brush is for applying lipstick with precision. The effect depends on the formula of the lipstick. I did find the brush to be very small and not that much more efficient than applying the lipstick straight off.

I don’t own any eyeliner in a pot therefore found it tricky to try out the eyeliner brush. From having a good look at it, it seemed sturdy and well made. It looks easy to get an accurate effect/straight line.

The crease brush is great to blend in two colours on the eye. It’s a small dense round brush. This is a great brush to try out the two tonal eye shadow look which I’ve been playing about a bit with myself. It’s a versatile and handy brush.

The base eye shadow brush I’ve been using all the time. It’s the perfect size to apply eye shadow to the lid. Its gives a clean and natural finish.

Overall I found the brushes to be great but I was expecting the bristles to be softer on each of the brushes. I wasn’t absolutely amazed by this set but thats just my opinion. It may grow on me though!

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Whats you opinion on the real techniques brush range? Are they over hyped or a holy grail item?