Sunday, 7 June 2015

Activity ideas for a laid back holiday & what I’ll be doing on my countryside cottage holl.

We go away next Friday to a countryside cottage for two weeks. It’s a very calming, tranquil place to spend time. They have beautiful farm animals including horses and a few pubs and cafes nearby to grab a bite.

I spend quite a bit of time before we go deciding what activities to take simply because it’s quiet where we stay and I want to keep myself occupied.

This year I’ve collected some books which I can’t wait to get stuck into. Two of the three books are new authors to me so I’m hoping for good things. In addition I have a selection of films to watch as they have a TV and DVD player. Mostly films I haven’t already seen therefore they will be a surprise to me when I watch them.

I wanted to branch out in the magazines I am taking this year. Company magazine is no more and felt like a bit of a change anyway. I opted for Hello and Hello fashion magazine so I will see how that goes. I have a few new CDs too to play on my Walkman.

Lastly I was going to dabble with my creative skills and do a bit of sketching. Included in my packing list are watercolour pencils, graphic pens and pencils as well as a really cute sketchbook. In addition I might do some baking as they have cooking facilities.

To recap here’s a few ideas you might like to try for yourself…

-   Read a new book by an author you’ve never come across before.
-   Have a DVD session and catch up on latest films
-   Step out of your comfort zone with other reading material such as a different magazine.
-   Treat yourself to a new CD and listen to it on holiday
-   Take a sketch book and pencils. Draw what you see!
-   If you have cooking facilities where you are staying try a bit of baking. Even a ready mix will
    do :-)

Did you like this post? What are your holiday plans? xx

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