Monday, 25 April 2016

Boots Salon Performance Paddle Hair Brush

Hi! In today’s post I wanted to change it up a little and do a review of a hair brush. It’s been in my blog notebook to review a good while now and my thoughts are really positive so I wanted to share it with you. A lot of hair brushes that I have tried previously haven’t been the best quality, and often I find the handle snaps off after lots of use. I bought this hair brush at the end of 2014 so that in itself shows it has lasting power. I have very long hair and hate when it gets tangled, and getting knots out can be frustrating sometimes.

With the combination of this paddle brush and a shine serum, my hair routine has become a lot easier. I find the brush glides through my hair and gets rid of knots remarkably well. Like the packaging suggests my hair feels much smoother and a nice shine is created after each use. The handle has a lovely grip to it, and the style of the brush is quite classic. Overall I would really recommend this hair brush, it retails at £6.99 in Boots (buy here) which compared to some other brands seems quite reasonable.

What kind of hair brush do you normally use? Does this item interest you? :-) xxx