Friday, 28 February 2014

Collective Clothing Haul | Dorothy Perkins & New Look.

For the past months I haven’t done a great deal of clothes shopping I suppose a little here and there. I wanted some classic pieces that would be great staples in my wardrobe. 

As you can see there’s a theme of dusky greys and monochromes. I think each item I have bought can be a base for a number of outfits and I can add colour later with a silk scarf, bold hat, bright shoes etc.

I focused on the fit and making sure I would wear what I had bought. I mainly bought things in Dorothy Perkins. Some may say there for an older generation of shoppers but I love there classic, simple, tailored clothes. 

I find in different shops clothes will fit me differently even in the same size (Do you ever find this?!) because I find sizes vary shop to shop I think it’s essential to try things on.

I went for a slim fit in the grey dress. The cap sleeves and length are very flattering. The detailing on the bust creates curves and I love the ribbon going across. The dusky grey shirt fits me well on the shoulders but has a loose flowing fit. 

I love the pattern on the blazer, it’s so quirky and the fabric is so soft. And the leggings are super functional and are great to pair with skirts and dresses.

Dorothy Perkins Purchases

Grey Loose fit shirt £20
Grey Tunic SALE £10

New Look Purchases

Overall I’m pleased with my shopping. Would you wear anything I've bought? What have you been purchasing lately? Xx