Monday, 17 February 2014

Empties December // P2 Things I Would Not Repurchase

Nivea Irrestibly Smooth Body Lotion 75ml £1.29

I received this miniature in a gift set although can be bought in this size at boots. The scent was lovely but the formula didn’t take my breath away, just left a white layer on the skin and took too long to sink in. Will not repurchase.

Dirty Works Body Lotion 100ml (included in gift set)

Nothing special. I found the formula bad quality and like many cheap body lotions it left a white layer on the skin and didn’t sink in too well. Will not repurchase.

Charlie Enchant Body Spray £1.00

I was impressed by the pretty girly packaging but the scent was a bit too flowery for me and uncontemporary. I like other body sprays in the Charlie range but this wasn’t that memorable. Will not repurchase.

Ted Baker London Body Lotion (discontinued collection)

I was determined to use this up because the scent was lovely and the lotion sunk into the skin very well. However the packaging was impractical and uneasy to use. The range from Ted Baker has been discounted so am unable to repurchase. I like the new ranges in Ted Baker though.

James Brown Colour Enhance Conditioner 75ml (included in gift set)

I used this all up but have only been using a small bit at a time in the ends of my hair. The formula didn't really suit my hair type. I like more light weight conditioners and this wasn’t too bad but as I don’t colour my hair at the mo repurchasing isn’t on my list.

Have you tried any of these products? Do you agree/disagree with my comments? X