Sunday, 2 February 2014

Prada Candy Perfume 30ml £39.50

I first received a sample size edition of this perfume and from then on I was completely hooked. The scent is gorgeous and beautiful and although the price is pretty steep I went ahead and bought the 30ml bottle. After all it’s Prada! And the first thing from the brand I had ever owned. 

I would describe the scent as warm, spicy with hints of musk and caramel. The description on the boots website says an explosion of femininity, a unique signature scent.

The packaging is sophisticated and wonderful. The glass bottle is transparent to expose the caramel coloured liquid. The top is pink and black with gold type. I love to place it on my dressing table with its elegant and slightly vintage feel.

The 30ml is a slightly different design to the bigger bottles as the spritz function isn’t placed in the same place which confused me at first. With the 30ml theres a simple cap to pull off where the bigger bottles you simply press the black top and it comes out. 

I found this out originally by typing into Google how to open Prada Candy 30ml and a YouTube video came up. I’ve linked this video here incase you are interested.

I wore this perfume lots just before Christmas for its spicy aroma. I love how perfumes are connected with memories so now the scent makes me feel a little festive. 

I would say that the scent is quite versatile though and could be worn into spring/summer. The perfume has lots of staying power without being overpowering. Its lovely for day or night. Overall I’m extremely pleased with the perfume. 

Also at the time there was an offer on boots with Prada Candy. I received a Prada Candy makeup bag absolutely free. It’s gorgeous and a great size to put makeup in.

Have you tried this perfume? Whats your signature scent? xx