Saturday, 22 February 2014

Baking Saturday | Toy Story Cupcake Set

Are you all having a fabulous weekend so far? Today I decided to do some baking and I used a Disney cupcake making set I had in the cupboard. I wanted to test it and do a little review.

I bought the baking set from Poundworld, so for £1 thats pretty good going. I wasn’t sure if the quality would be up to scratch but was pleasantly surprised. 

The recipe was simple to follow and the only extras you needed were a medium egg and a spoonful of butter.  I used two small fresh bantam eggs from our chickens we keep in our garden. This added to the taste of the cupcakes.

The set included the actual mixture, icing sugar, iced toppers and cupcake cases. I decided to modify the recipe by not using the ice toppers (as they looked a bit cheapy!) and instead add a touch of premium cocoa powder to the icing to make it chocolaty.

The finished result was lovely, the taste was really nice and the texture was quite moist. The chocolate icing made them extra delicious.

Have you been tempted to try out the Disney baking set too? Have you done a baking post? Why not link it in the comments bar :-)