Thursday, 12 September 2013

Pacifica ‘Waikki Pikake’ perfume roll on (£12)

Hey Girlies, hope you’re all well :)

Today I wanted to tell you all about a perfume I’ve been using which I really love and recommend.

I came across the Pacifica brand while away in The Moors, North Yorkshire in a gorgeous health shop, stocking lots of really great health and beauty items.

This was the first time I’d come across their Pacifica range but later googled it and many items can be bought online and also Amazon. Just type in Pacifica perfume ;)

There were about six different fragrances to choose from and in addition there was a choice of roll on, solid perfume or normal perfume.

I was instantly drawn to ‘Waikki Pikake’ for its jasmine and sandalwood scent. It’s has a sensuous and velvety aroma and loved it so much!

Beforehand I’d never really used or had any experience with roll on perfumes however thought it would be lovely to give them a go as there perfect to pop into your handbag.

I was unsure of the staying power of roll on perfumes. After using it for a month or so I found it to be above average. I don’t mind this as it’s easy to top up.

I found at £12.00 it was quite reasonably priced. I also adore the pretty packaging. I was tempted to buy other scents in the range as they were all lovely.

I’ve included a lil photo from the health shop, a full review on the health shop will be coming soon with more pics!

What kind of fragrance do you use on the go? Would you be tempted to try this product out?