Saturday, 20 December 2014

Christmas Gift Wrapping Tips

So ladies yesterday I finished my gift wrapping and felt inspired to write a little post of tips if you are lacking inspiration. Hope you enjoy…..

1.) Choose a theme or colour palette. This year I had chosen metallic and graphic patterns. By sticking to a scheme all the presents under the tree will coordinate. If you super organised you could coordinate the tree with the presents :-)

2.) Buy extras such a ribbon, bows, thread etc to decorate. These items can make all the difference to the finishing touch of your wrapping.

3.) Wrapping neatly can be difficult but taking your time with edges helps and I would recommend making envelope shapes, this makes it look ten times more professional.

4.) Get creative! A few years back I used photographs instead of labels. Another idea is to make handmade gift tags using paper and card scraps. Anything like this makes it personal and a joy to open.

5.) I always forgot to buy gift bags and boxes until the last minute. Poundland and Poundworld do some great gift bag choices and they are great value.

6.) My final tip is to enjoy it! Make yourself some mulled wine and pop on the Christmas tunes. Merry Christmas!!!