Saturday, 15 August 2015

Asda Strawberry & Forest Fruits Tea Bags

Today I want to do a little review of a fruit tea box that I received for my birthday. I always like to try out new varieties, and this Asda one is great if you are after a cheaper supermarket kind.

I was interested in the flavour of this one and was hoping it would be pretty good. I will mention I had to add sweeter (or sugar) as its surprisingly not overly sweet. After trying it with sweetener I found it to be pleasant but it didn’t have that wow factor taste like some other brands I have tried. It reminded me a little of sugar free Ribena in taste.

The packaging isn’t overly exciting either. On a plus side one tea bag went along way and as soon as I popped it into hot water, it changed into a blackcurrant sort of colour. It’s also quite summer appropriate with it having strawberry and forest fruits included. It maybe be worth trying as iced tea too! I would maybe recommend this tea if you like fruit tea and are looking for something less pricey. Buy 20 tea bags for 74p.

So does this sound like something you would want to try? What is your favourite summer time drink? xx