Tuesday, 7 November 2017

The Stray Café and Beach Walk Photo Diary

In October the weather was unusually sunny and mild, we headed for our favourite café spot for a cuppa, a cake and a sit outside. I had a cake with chocolate sprinkles on top, and a blueberry green tea, both were lovely. We’ve been making it a more regular thing, and I’ve been enjoying it. One of my most loved hobbies is photography, so every time we go, I have a wander on the nearby beach with my camera, while my parents have a sit and admire the seascape.

There was a lovely vibe to Marske beach that day, the sun had clearly persuaded people to come out, and there were many dogs, dog walkers and other people about. I have shared some of my fav photos from the day, including friendly dogs passing by, seascapes, macro etc. I hope you enjoy this different kind of post from me.

Have you been to any beaches recently? 
What kind of sights are there near you? :-) Xx