Wednesday, 24 October 2018

The Snack Diaries | Part Eleven

Pukka Chamomile, Vanilla & Manuka Honey Tea
(From unknown, price unknown, 20 tea bags)
Pukka can be a little hit and miss for me with flavours but their elderberry & echinacea is one of my all-time favourite teas. Weirdly I’d never previously tried this chamomile variety but my brother kindly gifted me it and I absolutely love it, particularly with the added vanilla and honey for extra sweetness.

Morrison’s The Best Rum & Raisin Dark Chocolate
(From Morrison’s, price £1.34 for 100g)
I loved the sound of this flavour so I treated myself a bar on my birthday. I bought my Dad the cappuccino flavour and we shared it out, it was seriously the nicest chocolate ever but the rum and raisin wasn’t quite as tasty. If you like dark chocolate you might be a fan, and Morrison’s The Best have a large chocolate range if you are interested.

Thornton’s Caramel Crunch Biscuits
(From unknown, price and quantity unknown)
My brother kindly gifted me these on my birthday, they were very sweet and indulgent but I enjoyed sharing them out with my family. They came in a small box, great for trialling them out or sharing them with a friend over coffee.

Galaxy Smooth Milk Chocolate Spread
(From unknown, price and quantity unknown)
I used this spread for baking and made double chocolate butterfly cakes, if you are looking for something for this purpose, I recommend the galaxy brand. Another indulgent item, which is probably best to share out with others.

Do you like to drink specialist tea too? 
What kind of thing do you snack on normally with a cuppa? :-) Xx

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