Friday, 25 April 2014

Origins Grapefuit Duo Set £14 (reduced from £22)

Todays post I will be reviewing an Origins bath set. I bought the set after Christmas in the Sale. Although this was a gift set you can buy the individual items throughout the year. Included in the set are two 100ml tubes including a body soufflé and combined bubble bath/shower gel.

My thoughts on these two items were extremely positive. It was one of my first high-end bath product purchases and I was so so impressed with the quality of what I had purchased.

The soufflé was beautifully scented with a fresh and stimulating fragrance. The aroma of grapefruit was so energising and I couldn’t get enough. The soufflé was a treat to use, was easy to apply and sank into the skin very well leaving a hint of the scent for a good while after.

I was equally delighted with the bath/shower gel. I used it mostly as a shower gel and it foamed up amazingly and was so refreshing to use. I adored the scent just as the soufflé and this left my bathroom smelling divine. Equally using the product as a bubble bath worked well. It’s one of the best I have tried because it foamed up extremely well.

The packaging was lovely and bold. I loved the general plastic tubes, great to get a bit of product easily out. The box was equally pretty and would have made a perfect gift too. I did notice one minor issue being that one tube was slightly bigger than the other unintentionally which I felt was a lack for attention to detail for a high end product. This was the only negative.

Overall I was amazed by the brand and will be repurchasing, maybe trying out the items full size and even trying other items by the brand. One of the best bath product sets I have ever used!!!

Have you tried any Origins products? Would you be tempted to give these products mentioned a try yourself?

Love Helen xxxx