Saturday, 31 May 2014

Wilko Citrus Lip Balm

This Wilkinson’s lip balm has a beautiful citrus scent and comes in trendy and vibrant packaging. I received the item in a hamper gift set and thought I would do a mini review.

The texture is fairly similar to Vaseline but with a slightly more jelly like feel. The product has an orange tint which is visible on the lips. Unfortunately the tint is too much to wear out with a couple of coats.

I tend to use the lip balm at home to rehydrate the lips. As mentioned before it has a Vaseline like quality. The scent is divine and thats probably why I like using it.

The product doesn’t have any staying power unfortunately and I felt didn’t do enough on the lips to repurchase. I’m unaware of the price as I received it as a gift.

Have you tried this lipbalm? What is your fav product to hydrate the lips?