Friday, 13 June 2014

Revlon PhotoReady Concealer

Today I wanted to review this Revlon concealer I have been trying out for a couple of months. I’ve been on the search for the perfect concealer for a while now. I was scanning the Superdrug makeup aisle to find one which was in stick form and had a choice of shades for fair skin. I swatched light pale 002 and seemed to be a reasonable match.

After getting to know this particular product I found there were some really great qualities. The application is dreamy. It glides onto the skin so well and is very velvety to the touch. Because of this I never found crease marks after using it.

I use stick concealer to cover up under eye circles and blemishes around the face. The coverage is medium and can be built up. I did find after a couple of layers the tone of the product was more visible. Maybe because my skin is so fair. 

I noticed on other reviews people disliked that there were glitter fragments in the product which I did not notice at all until peering very carefully under harsh light. I don’t see this as an issue because it gives a very natural brightening effect.

I would recommend this product because it’s a fab choice if you prefer stick concealers and liquid concealers don’t give you enough coverage. It retails at £6.49 which in my eyes is a bargain. I haven’t heard much hype about this item but let me know if you have come across it also.

Whats your fav concealer? Have you tried Revlon makeup and what did you think?