Monday, 31 October 2016

Faith In Nature Chocolate Shower Gel & Foam Bath

Wishing you all a happy Halloween and hope your day so far is a good one. Today I’m back with a product from Faith In Nature, their chocolate shower gel and foam bath. If you are after satisfying a chocolate craving this is a great alternative, the scent is gorgeous and very authentic. I don’t use it as a foam bath so much, but in the past it has created lots of bubbles. I’ve been using this in the shower over the last month, and have been enjoying it. It has a great lather and the 400ml bottle is long lasting. I just keep coming back to this brand, they are cruelty-free, organic and include all natural ingredients. I don’t think I’ve bought one product by them that I don’t like, I know the shampoos are lovely too! They have other note-worthy scents, the pineapple and lime or grapefruit and orange is nice for summer time. If you want to buy FIN products I recommend Amazon, Holland&Barrett, Superdrug or their official website. The pricing varies with where you buy it and if postage is free, I paid £5.75 (free P&P) on Amazon, link here.

Would you like to try this? 
Do you like a chocolate fragrance in beauty/bath products too? :-) Xx