Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Haunted House Halloween Cupcakes

An early happy Halloween! In the lead up to the day I’ve been doing some themed baking along the lines of chocolate cupcakes decorated with white chocolate cobwebs. For the actual cake bit, I got a readymade chocolate cake mix, adding eggs and water and then dividing into cupcake cases. This made things a little easier and great if you want to bake something last minute. When they came out of the oven, I left them to cool and later I heated up 100g of white chocolate and piped messy cobwebs onto the top. I tried to incorporate a classic spider web by drawing two or three circles onto the top of each and then drawing a few lines from the centre outwards. Some came out better than others, but it was a fun process and the messy designs worked well for the Halloween theme. The cake was very rich and chocolatey, quite firm, not crumbly and the white chocolate was a delicious alternative to regular icing. Any chocolate cake mix will be fine, I used one from Asda. If you are baking this time of year too, I recommend making these or anything really that fits the theme.

Do you like baking too? What are your plans for Halloween? :-) Xx