Wednesday, 21 December 2016

I Made Christmas Stocking Biscuits

Not long till Christmas now! Are you all looking forward? Today I wanted to share with you another Christmas themed baking post since my last one ‘Cookies for Santa’ seemed to go down well. For this bake I used a kit from Asda, I would look out for these as they are great and super cheap, the kit contained a mix in which to add butter to make the shortbread biscuit, some red icing to roll and a white icing tube to decorate. I had a little trouble with the white icing tube, it wasn’t very squeezy even when warming it up a little, in the end I used normal icing sugar to dust over the red stockings. A template was included to create the stocking shape, which I cut out from the packaging.

I wasn’t sure whether the taste of these biscuits would be a bit artificial but the shortbread turned out just right, with a bit of crunch and the icing on top wasn’t overly sweet. I got some good feedback from my family saying they enjoyed them. Afterwards I took some photos of my bake, using red ribbons and a festive Santa hat, I found adding some fake holly on the biscuit plate made the aesthetic more appealing. I hope you enjoyed this post, I would recommend Asda’s baking kits, they bring out different Christmas themed packs and switch it up each year, last year my Mum kindly bought my a snowman cupcake kit which was so fun. Let me know in the comments if you have been doing some baking, I would love to see! Merry Christmas!

Have you got any baking plans for over Christmas? Have you asked Santa for anything? :-) Xx