Thursday, 29 December 2016

My Christmas Presents 2016

Hope you all had a very merry Christmas this year, our family had a chilled one which was quite nice. I think for me the best part of Christmas is the lead up, and we went to a few small Christmas markets, watched festive TV, went Christmas shopping and of course had some lovely food. I was so pleased to see the presents I had bought my family went down well, and happily I received some great gifts too. I mostly asked for money this year, I’m saving up for something special, maybe for some new camera gear or a rainy day! I think having everything at once in terms of gifts can be a bit overwhelming so I’m planning to spread things out throughout the year. So I will get on with talking about what things I received, hope you enjoy!

I received three books, two of which are Christmas fiction novels, I asked for What Light by Jay Asher which is a fairly new release I’m excited to get stuck into it. Another was One Christmas in Paris, which I’ve never seen before but looks really nice. The non-fiction one was a baking book my brother kindly gifted me, it has so many amazing recipes enclosed I can’t wait to try. Most years I get at least one CD, and I asked for the newest Britney Spears one, I think I need to listen to it a few more times to figure out if I love it. I’m a big Britney fan though! I got a selection of hot chocolate stuff, and the Nesquik one in particular I can’t wait to taste. The 'Hell Yeah!' Primark cup I received is perfect for storing water during the day, it’s also very instagramable too!!

This Baylis & Harding gift set is so pretty, and the fragrances of the products sound appealing! My Dad bought me a Royal Jelly bath set, a brand I’ve never tried before, but the scent from the box is incredible. My Mum bought me some gorgeous cosy socks, I can’t wait to wear them as they are ideal for winter. She also bought me a good quality mini hair brush for travelling, for next year. She received some Poundland makeup which wasn’t her thing so we swapped a gift and I got them. I might do a blog post about the different makeup items once I’ve tested them.

What was your favourite gift this year? Do you like books as gifts like me? :-) Xx

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