Friday, 12 May 2017

Cacharel Noa Perfume

This perfume is such a classic, and I’ve been wearing it on and off for years so the scent is very nostalgic to me. The first time I wore it was on Christmas day back in my teens when I found it under the tree, a present from my grandparents. Funnily enough this particular bottle was also a Christmas gift from a friend, and I’ve been wearing it throughout 2016/2017. Some of my favourite scents are the musky, sweet variety but Noa is a people pleasing perfume, I can’t really imagine many females not wanting to wear this whatever their age. The packaging is feminine, and for the extremely reasonable price tag you get a luxurious product.

Since starting my cruelty-free journey, I think perfume has been one of the things I’ve held onto and this particular brand is not cruelty-free sadly. Recently I’ve been doing some research into alternative brands and although perfume buying can be tricky (particularly online!) I’ve decided to invest in a cruelty-free option for my summer perfume now my Noa has almost finished. Below you will find a fragrance description of Noa. Let me know if you already have it in your collection or what’s your current go-to fragrance. Buy online here.

“Noa is classified as soft floral fragrance, a blend of top notes of fresh green and coriander. The bottom notes are of blooming white musk, with a hint of coffee. It is perfect for anytime.”

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