Sunday, 7 May 2017

Two more wins with Goodreads book giveaways!!

So just recently I noticed quite a lot of amazing book giveaways through Goodreads, I think maybe it must be that time of year for all the best book releases. I’m an avid user of Goodreads, I like to update my status with reviews, comments, and a general interest in books. I got really lucky in the month of April, and won two amazing summer novels which I’m so excited to read and share with you. I haven’t got around to reading them yet, but here’s a little info about the two books…

Royce Rolls by Margaret Stohl

"Sixteen-year-old Bentley Royce is the wild child of a super-glam reality TV dynasty. She has it all - designer clothes, a fancy school and an actual Bentley to drive around in. Her ambitious mum Mercedes has dragged the family from trailer park to Hollywood stardom. But Bentley wants out - she wants to go to college, escape her own storyline, be NORMAL - but Royces don't do normal (or college).

Rolling with the Royces is running out of ways to keep viewers hooked and suddenly the show is threatened with cancellation. Bentley faces an impossible choice. Without the show, she could live the college dream - but her family would crumble (they are already twenty million dollars in debt). Bentley Royce has a mission. She must use her brains to save the show; if she saves the show, she can save her family - and she'll do whatever it takes.

Royce Rolls is a laugh-out-loud funny romp with a twist of mystery - a behind-the-scenes comedy with a brilliant voice, a hilarious and subversive antidote to the Kardashians and TOWIE (which will still work for fans of both!)."

The Lauras by Sara Taylor

"I didn’t realise my mother was a person until I was thirteen years old and she pulled me out of bed, put me in the back of her car, and we left home and my dad with no explanations. I thought that Ma was all that she was and all that she had ever wanted to be. I was wrong...

As Ma and Alex make their way from Virginia to California, each new state prompts stories and secrets of a life before Alex. Together they put to rest unsettled scores, heal old wounds, and search out lost friends. But Alex can't forget the life they've left behind."

Both sound really interesting, I think Royce Rolls might satisfy my guilty pleasure of reality TV, and it says it’s a bit like The Kardashians, which I love. The Lauras has so many positive reviews on the face of the book, and can we just take a moment to admire their beautiful covers?!

What’s on your reading list for the summer? 
Do either books interest you? :-) Xx