Friday, 30 June 2017

The Library of Fragrance Sunshine Eau de Toilette

Today I will be reviewing a perfume by The Library of Fragrance so you can find out a little more about this product and whether I rate it or not. I bought the "Sunshine" edition back when we were having the most incredible weather, ironically lately it has been mostly rain and fog. After looking at the forecast I’m hoping by the weekend it will pick up. I was browsing the Boots website a little way back ready to spend a chunk of Boots points, and felt like treating myself to a perfume. This brand really drew me in with their gorgeous sounding scents, and minimal packaging. I’d seen a little bit of the brand through the blogging community, and was pleased to see they are cruelty-free and vegan. So I’ve been testing this perfume this week, let’s see what my thoughts were…

Although describing the scent is a little bit difficult, I can tell you that I love it, it’s a perfect nostalgic fragrance for the summer. I wasn’t sure whether a singular scent would work so well, but it does and it’s also very wearable for day to day. The scent lingers on throughout the day, which is lovely to see from just an Eau de Toilette. I feel £15 is a reasonable amount to pay for a 30ml bottle, and with they are doing 2 for £25. The packaging is so instagramable, eye-catching, and overall the brand is pretty fascinating. I can see myself buying others, there are so many perfume names that made me smile, go check them out here. You can actually layer different scents, which sounds quite appealing.

“What does Sunshine smell like? Think of your favourite, most comfortable cotton t-shirt, warmed by the sun and summer skin, with just a hint of suntan lotion.” And works well layered with Fresh Landry, Cherry Blossom, Gin & Tonic, Mango, Vanilla Ice Cream and Grass.

Have you heard of this brand before, and does it appeal to you? 
What’s been your go-to perfume this summer? :-) Xx

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