Wednesday, 16 May 2018

The Snack Diaries | Part Eight

Doisy & Dam Date & Himalayan Pink Salt Milk Chocolate
(From Too Good Farm Shop, £1.45 for 40g)
This was a special treat purchase for me. The small portion gave me a chance to try out the unusual flavour, with a piece each for the family, the taste was great and more delicate than I imagined. It’s organic, made in the UK, soya and gluten free. The packaging is gorgeous too!

Bradbury’s Apple Fruit & Grain Baked Cereal Bars
(From Home Bargains, £0.89 for 6 bars)
These were an experiment for me, they are priced extremely reasonably and I’m glad I gave them a shot. The fruit taste was a little artificial and a bit too sweet for me though. I would still say try them for the price, great to put in your lunch box or to cut up into pieces and have with yogurt.

Nine Carob, Sesame & Flax Seed Snack Bars
(From Too Good Farm Shop, £1.99 for 4 bars)
These were my favourite from the four choices, extremely tasty with the chocolate on top but they didn’t feel too sweet or unhealthy. They work out 50p per bar, so they are okay to have once in a while. The packaging is very modern too!

Whitworths Yogurt Coated Banana Chips
(From Poundland, £1.00 for 150g)
Poundland snacks are so great, they offer such a wide variety of nuts, seeds and fruit sometimes coated in either yogurt or chocolate. The banana chips were a bit too crunchy but the yogurt coating was tasty. I prefer their chocolate coated raisins and yogurt coated peanuts, there is something to please everyone in the range.

I enjoyed getting back into the snack series posts. 
Let me know what you have been snacking on lately! :-) Xx

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