Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Superdrug ‘Devotion’ Body Spray

Hi – Today I wanted to share with you a body spray I’ve been testing out from the Superdrug brand. They do a variety of scents with unique branding and illustrations on the packaging of each. Devotion caught my eye online mainly for the scent which is sweet mandarin and wild plum, which sounded like my cup of tea perfectly. The body sprays at full price are £1.29 each but they have currently been reduced to 63p which is amazing. If you are looking to go cruelty-free, but want an affordable option this range is ideal.

After trialling it out for a week or so, the scent is not quite what I expected. It seems more floral and musky. It still is really lovely and one day when I had it on, my Mum was asking what special perfume I had on, she was amazed to hear that is was a body spray. The fragrance lasts a good couple of hours, and for the amount you get, its amazing value. Plus the cute graphics on each bottle make collecting the range, really tempting! I was currently in between perfumes, and this has been my go-to, I recommend you try this or others in the range. Click here to buy online.

Do you enjoy using body sprays too? 
What brands do you favour? :-) Xx

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