Thursday, 26 January 2012

Cranberry Extracts Selection Box £10

This is another Christmas Present which I wanted to blog as a beauty review. I’m a huge fan on extracts products and have been a couple of years now. I tend to get most of my items as gifts at Christmas.

All the other scents I’ve been thrilled with, but was a little unsure about trying cranberry, luckily I was thrilled when I tried it out, the scent was lush and also quite festive.

The packaging was lovely, however just a little bulky, but making it a lovely gift for £10. The items in the set include 200ml body wash, 200ml body butter and 200ml body scrub. I like using the products all together, leaving the bathroom smelling of lovely cranberry.

The body wash is quite thickly concentrated which I like, and is smooth with no bits. Also the bottle lasts quite a long time which is great value. I like to use this as an everyday shower gel because of its lovely strong aroma.

The body butter is silky and again quite thickly concentrated. I find the 200ml tub lasts me a very long time. I’ve found the body butters are pretty consistent however some of the body scrubs can vary in concentration.

The cranberry body scrub was a little runnier than some of the other extracts scrubs I’ve used; this makes it a little bit messier but easier to apply to the skin.


Overall I was really impressed with this gift set and really enjoy using the products included!

P.S The green extracts gift box is sold separately at £12 from the 2011 Boots Christmas Brochure.