Thursday, 26 January 2012

Lipsy Polished To Perfection £10

I got this set of nail polishes as a present from a friend at Christmas. My first choice when choosing was a nail vanish set made by Champneys including a set of five polishes. This must have been highly popular as unluckily it went out of stock.

Unfortunately I don’t have a photograph of the Lispy packaging. Although the products individually were worth the price stated, the box was very small box, making the gift at £10 appear quite steep. 

However the actual nail vanish bottles are very professionally looking, and look lovely on my dressing table. The polishes were high quality and they were easy to glide over my nails. The formula is a good consistency, not too runny or thick.

In the set, there were three nail polishes in three colours, Red Hot Date, High Heels and Guest List. The colours are contemporary but are quite classical so last more than one season.

I think overall the set is lovely and has inspired me to try other Lipsy beauty products next time round. I give it thumbs up!