Thursday, 26 January 2012

Purely Yours Just The Two £12

I was pleased with this gift I got off Santa so though it was worth blogging. This Christmas Gok Wan brought out the ‘Purely Yours’ range, I asked for the smallest gift set so I could try out the products and see if I liked them.

The Purely Yours range included various bath and beauty products in glamorous lilac and black packaging. I was attracted to this and the fact I liked the Gok Wan ‘Gorgeous’ range the year before.

In the Just The Two set I received, a 200ml full size bath essence and 120ml body lotion. I think they were the perfect size to test if you like the product.

I actually used the bath essence only twice in the bath but I guess I was being greedy as it could have lasted up to five times. I loved the top on the bottle; it was easy to use and pretty. The product smelt lovely and came out as a glittery/shimmer liquid.

The only down side to this, is I had to rinse the glitter from the bath afterwards, however I’m sure by using the bath essence more sparingly it wouldn’t have been such as problem.

I am still using the body lotion; this seemed to have lasted longer. Like the bath essence, the musky scent was divine which lasted as long time on my skin. I was happy that there was no shimmer in the lotion; I could apply it without worrying about loads of excess shimmer. Overall I am extremely pleased with the product.