Thursday, 9 February 2012

My Favourite Moisturizers – Top 5

Forbidden Euphoria Moisturizer

I only just recently got this one but fell in love straight away. I bought it in the forbidden euphoria perfume gift set. It includes a 30ml perfume and a 100ml moisturizer and paid £14.99 after Christmas in the sale from The Perfume Shop.

I like using it together with the perfume. Unlike other moisturizers I’ve had that have been included with a perfume, this one has quite a strong scent. Even if applying the moisturizer without the perfume, I can smell it on my skin.

I’m about half way through the tube so for me 100ml didn’t last very long. I think if they were selling it separately in a 200ml or bigger tube I would definitely want to buy it.

The moisturizer stinks into the skin easily and doesn’t leave a sticky residue. The scent is girly and feminine. If you like the perfume, you’ll love the moisturizer too!

Ted Baker Body Soufflé

I bought this in a Ted Baker set one year after Christmas so I’ve had the products quite a long time. The set was quite large, with full size items, so has lasted me ages! I’m just about at the end of this moisturizer and some of the Ted Baker sprays I got with it.

I love everything about this item, the packaging is lovely and the moisturizer is spot on. I don’t tend to normally buy full size items but I like the scents from ted baker so thought I would try it.

On the top, it’s described as a body soufflé. In my opinion, it’s in between a moisturizer and body butter. The product is quite light in touch unlike some body butters; it sinks right into the skin. However the packaging is more suitable for body butter, it is a large tub with a screw on top.

Unfortunately the style is being discontinued, but boots have now brought out a new design and scent for Ted Baker. I have not yet tried it – so the scent may be the same but I’m not sure. If you’re keen to try out the older brand – try places like eBay.

Cranberry Extracts Body Butter

I received this body butter in a gift set at Christmas. I’ve said a little bit about this product in another post so won’t speak too long. The link to that blog post it here.

I adore this scent and love using it alongside the body scrub and shower gel. The extracts brand I definitely recommend its one of my favs. The products are very good quality and all have lush scents!

Purely Yours by Gok Wan Body Lotion

This item I received in the Purely Yours Just the Two gift set at Christmas and it has become an instant fav. I adore the packaging, it’s chic and girly.

The scent is quite musky and stays on your skin a long time. The moisturizer works wonders and doesn’t leave a sticky residue.

I’ve completed a separate blog earlier including this item with the rest of the items from the Purely Yours Just the Two gift set. Click here to see!

Gorgeous by Gok Wan Spray on Moisturizer

I received this item in a gift set two Christmas ago (I only have a tiny bit left!). I believe it also went on sale this Christmas in a couple of the Gorgeous by Gok range gift sets.

Gorgeous by Gok range is the original range by Gok Wan and has a fairly different scent to the Purely Yours by Gok Wan range.

I still like the original range, although did not receive any gift sets this year from Gorgeous by Gok. I like the scent; it’s quite musky but I prefer the Purely Yours scent. However I prefer the Gorgeous by Gok packaging to the Purely Yours range because it’s more contemporary.

The bottle is wonderful, I like the way it looks and like to have it on my dressing table. The consistency is quite runny but with the spray function, it’s quick and easy to apply.