Thursday, 6 December 2012

Radox Shower Smoothie 200ml £2.95

I cannot say enough good things about this product. I always like to try new shower gels, but I think I’m pretty much hooked on this particularly one.

Shower smoothies are a thicker more luxurious formula compared to everyday shower gels. This is one of the first shower smoothies I’ve tried and was not disappointed.

Radox is an excellent brand for guaranteed quality at fairly reasonable prices. Despite this I never thought beforehand to experiment with the brands products before. But now I’m really keen to give Radox more of a chance.

The formula was beautifully rich and soft on the skin. I was completely in love with the fragrance a mixture of blackcurrants and cranberries. There were little grainy bits, mainly fruit seeds and after a shower I defiantly noticed a difference in my skin, it was much softer and smooth.

You can pick up a travel size which I've done in the past for weekends away etc. Superdrug and boots tend to stock these items. Ive noticed poundland stock a couple of radox products too, so will def have to have another look when im in town.

Have you tried radox products? Do you just love shower smoothies? Comment and let me know :) Xx