Sunday, 3 February 2013

Gok cosmetics purse and nail kit (£7 originally £14 from Boots)

I thought I would review this item for present ideas next Christmas. Unfortunately the Gok Wan range is only normally stocked at Boots over the seasonal period.

Gok has been retailing his beauty gift range for a number of years and each time I have received a gift from brand I have been really delighted with the items I have used.

I bought this set in the sale and was attracted to the particular set because of the beautiful and glamorous makeup bag included. I thought I could really get some use out it at home and when I go away on holiday. 

The hand balm included in the set is made with rose oil. I found this unusual and had a pretty scent. The 50ml bottle is handy for travel and I found it to be soothing and very nice to use on the hands.

Also included was a hand and nail oil which came in a 10ml bottle. The oil was very nourishing and left my hands and nails unbelievably soft.

Other accessories were included such as a study nail file and wooden tools for pushing back cuticles. Both of these things I found handy to use also.

Have you received any Gok Wan gifts in previous years? How have you found the products?