Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Boots Extracts Fairtrade Shower Gels // Strawberry, Brazil Nut & Vanilla

Just before Christmas Extracts had rebranded there range and brought out a couple of new fragrances. I was in Boots and decided to pick up some of their shower gels in the 3for2 offer. The brazil nut range is incredible and include my must have holy grail products.

The strawberry scent is fresh and fruity. Unfortunately I don’t like it as much as the brazil nut, mango, cranberry etc. The scent isn’t as authentic but I still enjoyed using it. To be honest the same can be said for the vanilla scented shower gel. It just doesn’t match up to some of the original scents.

The quality of the actual shower gels is really nice though as I would expect from Extracts. It lathers up very nicely and the feel of the shower gel is really luxurious.  I like the new packaging and am still a firm follower of the brazil nut and mango in particular. Click here to view the range. The shower gels retail at £4.50 each.

Have you tried anything by Boots Extracts? Which scent do you prefer?


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