Friday, 27 March 2015

Collective Haul // Clothing, Homeware, Sportswear, Books, Stationery etc.

This is one of those posts that I kept wanting to post but never getting round to and then more stuff from shopping trips started accumulating. So instead of lots of mini haul posts I thought I would share one big one. There’s a mixture of genres so there is something for everyone.

Before launching right into the photos I thought I would explain a couple of my purchases. I have been attending a yoga and relaxation class with my Mum for a number of years and wanted to update my equipment. There was a good sale at Sports Direct earlier in the year so I stocked up on a new yoga mat, yoga mat bag, sports bag and a sports drink bottle.

After viewing Essie Buttons Bookshelf YouTube video on ‘Yes Please’ by Amy Poeler I went ahead and purchased a couple of books from amazon. This book has been on so many blogs and thought I would start reading it myself. So far it’s pretty good and I am enjoying it :-)

So what have you been buying lately? Any trips to Primark or are there any other shops or products I should know about? Best wishes, helen xxx

Nautical knit top £6.00
Navy knit top £6.00
Pack of five socks £2.50
Pack of two thermal socks £2.50
Neon Bow slippers £3.00
Body puff £1.00
Grey fleece blanket £3.00

Sports Direct
Nike graphic gym bag in berry £6.00 (SALE)
Yoga mad warrior mat in blue £13.99 (SALE) (BUY)

Yoga mad mat bag 53 in blue £10.00 (SALE) (BUY)
Nike water bottle £4.29 (SALE) (BUY)

It Felt like A Kiss by Sarra Manning £3.85 (BUY)
Yes Please by Amy Poehler £11.89 (BUY)
#GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso £7.49 (BUY)

Glamour Fifty Shades limited edition magazine £2.00
Look Magazine February £1.80

Turquoise Floral Bird A5 notebook £5.59 (BUY)
Melodie Floral Bird mini notebooks 3pack £3.49 (BUY)

Store Twenty One
Buddha Ornament £1.50 (SALE)
Cherub ornament £1.99 (SALE)

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