Thursday, 12 March 2015

No7 Melting Gel Cleanser £9.50

I’ve been trying out lots of different No7 products now for over about a year or so. At Christmas I bought the No7 advent calendar and that allowed me to test some of their makeup and skincare in sample minis. Also at Christmas and on my birthday I got some No7 bits. I love there beautiful Skin night cream it’s my holy grail item. From the advent calendar I’ve been getting into their lip crayons and other things too.

I really wanted to like the melting gel cleanser but it just didn’t work with my skin as I had hoped. I was expecting big things from the hoo-ha from bloggers about this product but unfortunately was left feeling disappointed. When investing in any skincare it’s always a risk to see if your skin will react well to it.

I found the consistency quite nice but the smell wasn’t to my liking. It wasn’t refreshing instead more soapy and unappealing. My skin didn’t feel particularly different after using the product. I felt I was just using soap even thought I was using a posh skincare product.

My skin had a minor reaction to it unfortunately. I found a day after use small imperfections/bumps sometimes formed around where I had used the product. This might not be true for everyone but it was the deciding factor for me to discard the product.

Have you tried the melting gel cleanser or any other No7 products? What were your thoughts? Xx