Monday, 30 March 2015

H&M Nail Polishes

I wanted to tell you all about two nail polishes I picked up a while ago because they are just so fab! I picked up ‘Did I tell you’ which is a clear polish with large bits of blue glitter in and ‘Serenity now’ which is a beautiful opaque royal blue.

What I loveee about these polishes are they are really great quality for £2.99 each. I like to apply two coats of ‘Serenity now’ with a coat of ‘Did I tell you’ over the top. The glitter adds a party vibe but the blue on its own is versatile for every occasion.

I’ve been going through my nail polishes just recently and decided to get back into wearing them. There are just so many pretty colours for this time of year. What is you go-to Spring shade? Helen xxx

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