Friday, 31 July 2015

M&S Herbal Teas (Strawberry & Raspberry, Camomile)

I’m an avid tea drinker so todays post (for you tea lovers!) I thought I would review the M&S herbal tea range. I tried the strawberry & raspberry as well as pure camomile. I think they came to about £1.00 each which in my book is super good value as other brands can be quite pricey.

When I was browsing the tea and coffee isle and I was instantly drawn to the beautiful illustrations on the front of the packaging. I thought they would make excellent quirky gifts for this reason. I gave the pink one to my Mum and the blue to my Dad. While at home I had a sample myself and was pretty pleased.

I would probably say I favoured the strawberry and raspberry as the camomile is more my Dad's thing and I found the taste a bit bland. I could taste the fruit clearly in the Strawberry one and the scent was fairly authentic. It’s not the best fruit tea I’ve tasted alongside say Pukka’s teas but for the price I think it’s very reasonable.

So do you drink tea? Which one of these two do you think you would favour?
Have a fun weekend! :-) xxx

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